Community Team Refresh

Community Team Refresh

The Method Community Team is committed to providing an inclusive community to interact with in order to become even closer with Method. We want to continue to drive to make a place where both streamers and viewers can participate. 

This community update we’re introducing a Talent Tree in order to govern your questlines. Picking your talent tree will help decide which questline you want to follow. Don’t worry, you don’t have to miss out on the other talent tree because you have the ability to pick both! 

The Method Race to World First is coming up on July 14th, so we’re excited to announce some exclusive RWF community items! Some of these items are: 

  • Community Raffles Added for every boss kill!
  • Special RWF Gold Grind to earn gold by watching the RWF Method Broadcast!
  • An exclusive post-race Q&A with Community members!
  • Access to Method’s “Community Pack” of graphic and video elements for your guild kill videos!This will be released exclusively through a Method Community Team Questline.

We’re excited to keep building the best community on Twitch, and we’re glad you’re doing this with us. If you haven’t joined the team yet, be sure to head over to the Community Team page to sign up! Don’t forget to check out The Race to World First this upcoming Wednesday, July 14th! Find out about the broadcast and everything RWF by following us on Twitter!

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