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UK Esports Team Committee

Last Updated October 17, 2022

Method is a part of the UKETC (UK Esports Team Committee), a collective of UK based esports teams that have come together to form a not-for-profit committee of like-minded individuals with the aim of progressing and growing the UK esports industry and representing the voice of teams within wider industry discussions.

About the UKETC


The UKETC aims to empower its members and act as role-models to ensure a level of professionalism and consistency across key issues including safeguarding of minors, reducing online incidences of abusive behaviour, and improving diversity and equality within the esports industry, whilst ensuring that there is more opportunity for people to enjoy, engage, participate and achieve within esports. Accordingly the Principles set out best practice for its members to adhere to, and for other esports orgs and aspiring or future members to consider.

The Principles are non-exhaustive in that they can be amended from time to time, and additional categories included, but for the inaugural version the five topics that are addressed include:

  • Developing practices to help professionalise the esports industry.
  • Implementing a safeguarding policy and actively training and educating staff and players on the importance of safeguarding.
  • Actively promoting a positive, inclusive and welcoming environment for all, and responding appropriately to any instances of abusive behaviour or misconduct.
  • Actively supporting the wider esports industry by ensuring best practice in respect of work experience, volunteering and internships.
  • Routinely reviewing performance and identifying ways to improve and take positive action.