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The Warm-up: Emerald Nightmare Heroic Progress

 UPDATE - Sep 25 14:51 CET by Starym
It's time to call it a day on Heroic progress coverage, as the tables are about as final as they're going to be and updated with the latest standings. To recap all the action before we get into the hype of Mythic: Nurfed, Big Dumb Guild, Prestige Gaming, Exorsus and Reincarnation make up the top 5 in Heroic, with only Exorsus being an annoying reminder of the very top guilds coming down to our Heroic playground to slightly mess things up for us. On the Asian side we found out the Chinese armory is a "little" messed up at the moment so there's no way to track it (which will be SO fun on Mythics), but we still found out Chinese guild KeaHoarl probably got the first kill on Xavius, followed by
 통 제 불 능, AFK R, 함께있으면늘향기가묻어나행복하다네친구 and Right in Korea, and Punishment of Asia in Taiwan.

Time to get serious about Mythics with less than three days to go and you can look forward to a pre-race hype-up article going into the top contenders and what we can expect from the inaugural Legion race for World First! I have to say I'm really looking forward to covering it, especially with the new toys I'm getting on the new Mythic coverage page, so see you in the Emerald Nightmare Mythic.

UPDATE - Sep 24 07:30 CET by Starym
Still no Chinese updates, but we have a couple of finishers in Asia anyway, with AFK R and Right 7/7ing on the Korean side and Punishment of Asia punishing Xavius. Asgard, On Edge, Mulpas and 겐트위한 are on 6/7. The Asia tables have also been updated.

UPDATE - Sep 23 16:05 CET by Starym
Apparently the China not being tracked properly is a more serious issue for Wowprog and we're not likely to get any updates on that any time soon, so the Asian tables will not be very/at all correct, but we'll be updating them anyway. For now it seems Right and AFK R are on 6/7 in Korea, while Punishment of Asia is on 5/7 in Taiwan.

UPDATE - Sep 22 23:19 CET by Starym
It seems Wowprog is even slower at Asian guild updates than usual, as we only have a few results for Korea and Taiwan, with none for China. Koran guilds are at 5/7, with 부엉부엉시부엉 in the lead, while Taiwaneese servers have arrived at 4/7 with Fortune, Asgard and 雲淡风輕 with 3 bosses to go.

UPDATE - Sep 22 14:10 CET by Starym
A loot of guilds have finished up Emerald Nightmare Heroic overnight, including a very fast KeaHoarl for that Asian first Xavius. Wowprog hasn't updated any Asian guilds yet so let's focus back on US and EU where we have a whopping 42 guilds in total on 7/7, making it 28 new Xavius kills in the last 8 hours. HC and Endless took up spots 15 and 16, to continue where we left off last time, and the last two guilds to have downed him were Honestly and Wizards IRL. 133 have downed Cenarius, compared to the 2466 that have gotten past Nythendera.

We've also had some tweaks to the EU standings: 
On Xavius, Reincarnation got the 3rd, with Openness and Fusion following in4th and 5th place.
On Cenarius, Reincarnation got the EU 4th and Memento the 5th kill.

UPDATE - Sep 22 03:53 CET by Starym
A bunch of new 7/7s just came around, we have: Danish Terrace (EU), Innervision (EU), Strawberry Puppy Kisses (US), Razzia (US), Occasional Excellence (US), stalk and kill (US) and  No Big Deal (US) all done with Heroic Emerald Nightmare, making it 14 total guilds that have downed Xavius. SPK and Razzia also grabbed the Us 4th and 5th kills on said endboss.

UPDATE - Sep 22 00:11 CET by Starym
We have a couple more additions to the very top, with two Russian and a German guild. Starting us off is Reincarnation finishing up in spot 5, with Openness and Fusion right at their back in 6th and 7th place, all on 7/7. Only two guilds so far downed the final boss in the US, while 5 have in the EU. The 6/7s have expanded to 25 guilds in total, with Accelerated being the latest to down Cenarius and the tables seem pretty stable and possibly even definitve now so check them out for more details.

UPDATE - Sep 21 17:53 CET by Starym
Exorsus has joined the all done crew, despite the fact that they are very far from done as split raids will take up a lot of their focus alongside split Mythic+, same as the rest of the top guilds. The 6/7 crowd has grown to 18 with Reincarnation and Ordeal being the latest additions. The EU tables are also filling up for the later bosses, with Exorsus obviously popping up in all of them, along with WTF COLLECTIVE, Fusion, Dawn and Reincarnation.

UPDATE - Sep 21 15:31 CET by Starym
And here's a better overview of the EU race:
As mentioned before Prestige Gaming has been very well updated on 7/7, seemingly grabbing every single EU first, but the first...boss, although that's likely to change. The next guild listed is the very loud WTF COLLECTIVE on 4/7 and sporting that Nythendra EU first, followed by Fusion and Reincarnation on 3/7. We then see the first familiar face from the very top Mythic guilds as Exorsus got an early start, chilling at 2/7 with Epilogue and Paralysm. 7 guilds downed Nythendra and are on 1/7. Check out the tables for more details on the EU kills.

UPDATE - Sep 21 15:25 CET by Starym
And we're back. Unsurprisingly a lot happened aka a lot was updated during the night (well, MY night anyway). We have three guilds done with Heroic Emerald Nightmare!
Nurfed are the No.1 at the moment and enough time has passed that it may remain that way indefinitely, with the WF on Xavius and 4th Cenarius kill. Following them are Big Dumb Guild in second and then we have a very quickly updated first EU entry, Prestige Gaming, rouding out the 7/7ers. I'd imagine Prestige Gaming manually updated Wowprog by actually sending in their results as they seem to be the only EU guild in the first 140 that's been updated.

The 6/7 crowd is very big by comparison, comprised of 15 guilds, all from the US, lead by Infinity, Lethal, Dsylxeic, Exiled Legion and Strawberry Puppy Kisses (I just had to get that last one in).

5/7 sees 26 guilds on even footing, starting with Easy in 19th and ending with Life in 44th. 32 guilds occupy the 4/7 slot, lead by Untold Prophecy and ending with Exempt, 3/7 starts with one of my new favorites from yesterday, I Love Lamp, ends with Reincarnation (EU) and contains 63 guilds. 107 guilds are on 2 bosses down, while the 1/7 crowd is 660 strong!

UPDATE - Sep 21 06:21 CET by Starym
We have a 6/7! Two in fact: Infinity and Exiled Legion have slipped past the crowd and placed themselves at the very top, with Infinity grabbing the WF on Cenarius. Two more guilds made it to 5/7, namely Vision and SCH, making it a crowd of 7 with two to go. Meme, Guild Name, Rude Awakening, Erebos and Infusion made it to 4/7 and the tables were re-shuffled again.

It's sleep time for me, so no updates for a while - let's see if things can normalize and catch up with what really happened tomorrow, when we will also get to do this all over again with the EU guilds!

UPDATE - Sep 21 05:33 CET by Starym
More action as we get more guilds to 5/7 and the tables change every few minutes. No Big Deal, Pew Pew, Avid and Capital Vices eliminate choice from the raid and look at only Cenarius and Xavius ahead, tying up Easy at the top. Tesseract join Untold Prophecy on 4/7, leaving Elerethe for last. Meanwhile we have 10 guilds on 3/7 and 11 on 2/7, with 88 getting past the very first boss.

Capital Vices take over the first kill on Elerethe and the rest of the tables take a bit of a sorting as well.

UPDATE - Sep 21 04:57 CET by Starym
Here we go with some real updates this time! We have a 5/7! Easy have bumped themselves up to the very top by killing all four choose-your-own-direction bosses and only have Cenarius and Xavous left. Pew Pew and Untold Prophecy are close behind on 4/7, with Prophecy leaving Elerethe alive for now and Pew going more linearly with only Dragons left before the final two.

We then have another entry in the "really good guild name" category in I Love Lamp, who have arrived at 3/7 and are the only ones there so far. 2/7 has No Big Deal and Halcyon as residents, while the one boss down bunch has significantly grown to 13.

Fo those keeping score on the first kills:
Nythendra - Accidentally; Il'gynoth: Easy; Elerethe Renferal: Easy; Ursoc: Pew Pew; Dragons of Nightmare: Easy.

UPDATE - Sep 21 02:47 CET by Starym
We finally have some updates! First off Nythendra rakings stay the same with the addition of Easy to round out the top 5! Quickly following Easy are No Big Deal and Untold Prophecy, with the latter also being the current leader as they're the only (registered on Woprog) guild currently on 2/7. That's right, Untold Prophecy seem to have gone for Il'gynoth as their pick of the four open bosses after Nythendra and are our No.1!
7 guilds past the first boss so far.

UPDATE - Sep 20 22:26 CET by Starym
Things are happening! A few more guilds joined Agony on 1/7, with Accidentally from Stormrage taking over the No.1 spot. Then in a fascinating coincidence or a bug, it's a different guild called Accidentally that takes the 3rd spot, this one from Illidan. Pew Pew round out the guilds that have received updates to their armory and so we have 4 currently logged as having beaten the first boss of the Emerald Nightmare (although almost certainly more have).

UPDATE - Sep 20 20:11 CET by Starym
Here we go! We have one entry in the Heroic race and it's Agony, who cleared Nythendra! Ranking are probably going to change for a while, but at least we have something to put into the ranking tables! Gz!

UPDATE - Sep 20 19:45 CET by Starym
Nothing much happening yet as Wowprog is getting up to speed and all we have so far are a 6/7 and 7/7 Normal clear! But hey, we said this was about less known guilds so let's give them some props (even though it's more about Wowprog achievement tracking than them actually getting the stuff down first most likely): Barbershop Quartet are somehow on top with 6/7 while Pretty Standard are second on 7/7. We'll just wait for the Heroic scores to start coming in before updating further.


Here we finally are in another progress cycle and, as has become tradition that moved with us to Method, we start with the Heroic race! The real race is a week away and as the top guilds do their infinite split raids and try out potential tactics, we focus on the less known guilds and check out who's pushing those Heroics. Now, obviously the top guilds will probably show up in these rankings, but we'll just note that in the tables and ignore it!

We do have a special treat coming for Mythic progress, however, with the race coverage getting some new bells and whistles which we'll be showing off closer to when the real race starts. Speaking of which, who knows with the tumultuous state the top guilds are in for this tier, perhaps one of these less known guilds here will break through into the top of the Mythic race as well? In any case, we just love to see competition in whatever form, so to everyone going into the Emerald Nightmare as soon as servers are up: good luck and go for it (except for you top guilds, you guys calm down a bit with Heroics and let others into the spotlight a little)!

In case you haven't followed this type of Heroic progress yet, we take it a little easier and there's a much bigger gap between updates, especially since Wowprogress takes a while to get warmed up with a new tier, and especially a new expansion.
The US/OC servers are expected to come up around 8 AM PDT / 5 PM CET with EU tomorrow and Asia the day after that.

World US/OC EU Asia
Accidentally Accidentally WTF COLLECTIVE 고망호
Agony  Agony  Prestige Gaming AFK R
Accidentally   Accidentally Fusion Clan Wanted
Pew Pew Pew Pew   Epilogue Right
5. Message Deleted
Message Deleted Easy Mode  Mulpas

World US/OC EU Asia
Suffer Suffer  Prestige Gaming 고망호
Pew Pew
Pew Pew Fusion AFK R 
Vision Vision Exorsus Clan Wanted
5. meme
meme Epilogue  Mulpas


World US/OC EU Asia
Vision Vision  Prestige Gaming Clan Wanted
Capital Vices Capital Vices Exorsus AFK R 
Easy Easy WTF COLLECTIVE  Right 
Pew Pew
Pew Pew Fusion 함께있으면늘향기가묻어나행복하다네친구
WHATEVER WERE AERSOME Reincarnation Clear Sky


World US/OC EU Asia
Pew Pew
Pew Pew Prestige Gaming 부엉부엉시부엉
No Big Deal
No Big Deal Exorsus Mulpas
Easy Easy WTF COLLECTIVE   Asgard
I Love Lamp
I Love Lamp Fusion Right
5. Vision Vision Dawn Punishment of Asia


World US/OC EU Asia
 Easy   Easy   Prestige Gaming 통 제 불 능
Unlucky Unlucky Exorsus  Clan Wanted
Untold Prophecy  Untold Prophecy  Fusion Momentum
Vision Vision WTF Collective AFK R
5. Infinity Infinity Dawn Right


World US/OC EU Asia
Infinity Infinity   Prestige Gaming 통 제 불 능
Lethal Lethal Exorsus   Right  
Dsylxeic  Dsylxeic  Fusion AFK R   
 Nurfed  Nurfed WTF COLLECTIVE 함께있으면늘향기가묻어나행복하다네친구
5.  Exiled Legion Exiled Legion  Reincarnation  길드가 없으면 어때 잔질처럼 만들면 되지


World US/OC EU Asia
Nurfed  Nurfed  Prestige Gaming KeaHoarl
Big Dumb Guild  Big Dumb Guild  Exorsus 통 제 불 능
Prestige Gaming Strawberry Puppy Kisses Reincarnation AFK R
Exorsus Razzia Openness  Right
5.  Reincarnation Occasional Excellence Fusion 함께있으면늘향기가묻어나행복하다네친구   
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