The Method EU Major - An 8000$ Arena Tournament

The Method EU Major - An 8000$ Arena Tournament

We are very excited to announce the Method EU Major, a World of Warcraft 3v3 Arena tournament with a prize pool of $8000 and 80 Arena World Championship qualification points!

It's been over 2 years now that we announced the signing of the very first Method Arena team. Since then we have been continuously looking to further our support of the competitive Arena community, and even though there are still a lot of great unsigned teams out there, unfortunately we can't pick up all of them. It is our hope that this tournament will encourage more organizations to invest in WoW esports. We would like to thank Method's sponsors and in particular Twitch and Red Bull for making this event possible, with a special thank you to Blizzard's WoW esports team for their guidance and support.

- Method Co-Owner Sascha "Rak" Steffens

This will be the first of two Method Majors tournaments leading up to BlizzCon 2017, and it marks the second time to date that Method hosts an Arena event, after last year's Legion Invitational. As before with the Legion Invitational, we are happy to once again team up with the GCDTV crew.

We here at GCDTV are proud to announce that we will be working with Method to provide their first point-earning tournament of the year! This event makes an already good year for WoW esports even better.

- GCDTV Co-Owner Jacob "Toxic" Turner

The Method EU Major will kick off with two days of play on June 15 and 16 until only 8 teams are left. The final eight teams will then battle it out live on Method's Twitch channel, on June 17 and 18 starting at 7 PM CEST (10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT) on each day. Sign-ups for this tournament will close on Tuesday, June 13.

For registration, rules and more details about the tournament head over to our official Battlefy page.

We hope you will join us on June 17 and 18 and until then, you can follow us on our socials for more news and announcements about the Method Majors tournaments.

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