The Mancy Diaries: A Short Stay in Method - The Final Entry

The Mancy Diaries: A Short Stay in Method - The Final Entry

Article originally posted on Manaflask

Welcome to the last edition of the Mancy Diaries! In this final entry I'll talk about my short stay in Method as well as my thoughts on the whole Ensidia - Envy merge. So, I'm guildless. I didn't stay logged in to give any more explanations to anyone, I was simply done. I immediately logged out and proceeded to have a long sleep where I'd think about what I was going to do. After careful thinking, I decided I wanted to continue playing WoW and I wanted to give Method a shot. It was certainly the upcoming strong international guild and there was basically no other option, either Method or quit. I hadn't heard good things about Method's people, but I didn't really care much. The following morning I talked to Kuznam, a friend of mine in Method, who directed me to Rogerbrown, a Greek officer in Method who directed me to Sco and long story short, the next morning I was in Method.

It was during Spine of Deathwing progression that this whole thing took place, so I pretty much had a guaranteed spot for that boss, since mages were the best class you could have there. It was reset day when I joined I believe, so I was in for a full clear. I performed well enough, but there were some big differences between Method and Ensidia. In Method, you see, people simply played better. A lot better, that is, and everyone minded their own business. But they were the biggest emo drama queens I have ever seen in the entire time I've been playing WoW (more on that later). We cleared the easy bosses and reached Spine - I was stunned by how fast we would pull, reminded me of the times Ensidia was -somewhat- competent. Also, progress was just awesome. We were getting far into the fight and things were getting better try after try with tactics improving and so on. There is also the infamous ANKH ASSHOLE (video below) that is certainly worth a mention. Eventually we kill the boss and continued to Deathwing himself (HAHAHAHA just kidding it was his tentacles and then his stunned head).

At this point I wasn't really sure of whether I would get a spot or not since mages weren't THAT good, but I guess the fact that I performed kinda well (I wasn't satisfied at all by my performance, but yeah) did earn me the spot. Playing-wise, things were kind of good, there were only a few really stupid screw-ups I can recall by people not noticing parasites and generally playing bad, but besides that, everyone was playing solid. What wasn't solid was people actually showing up. While fast attempts reminded me of Ensidia's good days, people not showing up without saying a word reminded me of Firelands Ragnaros progress. People not coming in time or at all for a raid, without any warning, is simply unacceptable in my eyes. Everyone has someone's phone number they can call and warn in case of an emergency but having over 20 people waiting for you not knowing if you will show up is something that should never ever happen. Sadly it happened and more than once. That, combined with not so hardcore starting times lead to us losing the kill to Paragon, but we did well enough, I was certainly satisfied by the progress and the way people played.

But there was one big, big issue that I mentioned above: people being melodramatic and way too sensitive. Regarding the drama part, there was whining all over the place. Ranging from the simplest of things such as an item not given to a certain person during farm to more important things. Aside from the drama in class channels, there would often be a 10 page forum post full of whining for basically no important reason. That kind of attitude drove me sick - sure, if there's an issue you bring it up, but you don't go crying to your mother every 5 minutes for barely any reason. Now for the sensitive part. You see, Method was a completely, C O M P L E T E L Y different guild than Ensidia. There would be zero flaming or name-calling. Didn't like someone? Don't talk to them. Think someone did something wrong? Go cry in your class channel or talk to an officer. Maybe an officer would whisper him or give a general motivational speech on TS. That might sound sweet to someone, but it just isn't my cup of tea. If there's one thing I really liked in Ensidia, that was the atmosphere. People would flame each other all the time and generally behave like adults, not children in a school class giving their final exams. All in all, Method's raiders and Method itself was too boring for me. I simply didn't enjoy playing there. I was certain the guild was going to grow into something great, but not my style of greatness.

So by having zero interest in the guild's social part and having played WoW for oh so many years, I grew tired. My lust for progress and World Firsts was beginning to fade and if I was to continue playing, I wouldn't be able to give my 110% and would end up being the kind of member I hated - those that raided just to play the game and not to achieve World Firsts. Since I didn't want to end up being what I disliked and after a lot of thinking, I decided to quit playing WoW. Playing in another guild was out of the question, even though I got some offers from Envy, I decided to enjoy the summer and take some needed time off. With summer over and university getting more and more demanding, said time off ended up being permanent - my WoW career was finally over.

Let me say that by no means do I want to diss Method with anything I wrote, it is just my perspective and how I felt. Method was very welcoming and treated me really well. Now, before wrapping Mancy's Diaries up, I wanna refer to the Ensidia - Envy merge that took place. It first came up during Ragnaros progression. I had an interesting discussion with a guy I knew in the past that managed to get a leading position in Envy about the difficulties both guilds faced and talked (off the record) about a possible merge and how it would work out. I did a slight mention to Ensidia officers who disregarded a merge. At that point, I was totally up for it. You see, with Ensidia being a better guild at the time, the benefits would be greater or at least even with those of Envy's. If both guilds' core players were to get together and form a strong guild, the outcome would be magnificent. However, that wasn't the case for when the merge actually happened - if it can even be called a merge. Ensidia was about to fall apart. Ensidia, lacking proper classes, was pretty much absorbed by Envy - and nothing good could ever come out of that. And I guess I was right, with the majority of Ensidia having quit already.

And that pretty much sums it up. I suppose my story pretty much shows that (at least in the online world) with time and dedication one can achieve whatever it is he is after. I started as a barely teenage boy and in just a few years ended up playing in the best possible guilds. If I can do it, why can't you?

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