The First Mythic+ Season Has Started!

The First Mythic+ Season Has Started!

Mythic+ arrives today in the EU and has been live for a day in the US, with some pretty heavy issues encountered already. From players getting way too high keys to very high ilevel loot and a lot of artifact power coming in from weekly caches that were available for some players that did the +15 back in the final Legion week, the season may have had a rough start but it's still very exciting as it's the first of its kind.

All the Method M+ players, both from the guild and our MDI teams are very excited about Battle for Azeroth's Mythic+ content, and can't wait to get started on those World Firsts.

Really hyped that Mythic+ is finally out, going to be interesting to see if any team manages to do a +15 in time the first week!

- Naowh, Method MDI EU

Long have we waited for a new era to begin.

- DrJay, Method Pogchamp

You can also check out Method MDI NA's Jdotb sharing some recommendations for Mythic+ Season 1 specs, best dungeons to run, as well as how each of this week's affixes affect each individual dungeon, in Wowhead's first BfA M+ Q&A!

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