Storm, Earth & Fire - Vault of the Incarnates Album by TU:RUL

Storm, Earth & Fire - Vault of the Incarnates Album by TU:RUL

In celebration of Dragonflight and the first Race to World First of the expansion, the Transylvanian DJ duo TU:RUL have produced a Vault of the Incarnates dedicated album!

What the setting of your Vault of the Incarnates Album?

It is a smaller album and the genre varies from song to song. Instead of having one dedicated genre we decided to make different songs fit the many different moods and moments of the Race to World First. For example, the announcement song is more symphonic and orchestral whereas some of the other songs range from groovy to hyped and exciting. 

We have also collaborated with one of Method’s raiders, Sjele, to create a couple of songs with progressive house and melodic techno elements to them. 

Creating a Race to World First Themed Album

The process of creating an album is long and very dependent on what’s going on in our private lives. Inspiration comes from many different sources and depending on what we are up to, how we are doing and other circumstances, sometimes it can be very difficult to be creative and other times it’s much easier. For example, the announcement song only took a few days whereas other songs took close to a month. The production process for every song always looks different, especially when they vary in genres and themes as our Race to World First songs do. 

As a thank you and tribute to Method and the World of Warcraft community, the entire Vault of the Incarnates album is DMCA free and you may use it in your own videos as you wish! Thank you all for making this project possible and supporting us over the years!

Be sure to give the Vault of the Incarnates album a listen and follow TU:RUL on their socials!

Listen to the Storm, Earth & Fire Album.

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