Stoopzz joins Method

Stoopzz joins Method

We are excited to announce another creator to the Method stream team, Stoopzz!

Stoopzz, or Oliver, is a World of Warcraft veteran who has been streaming full-time for about 3 years. After taking a break from the game and coming back as a solo-player, Stoopzz decided to build a community focused on PvP. 

Throughout the years, Stoopzz has created Competitive PvP guides on various classes and guides on the gameplay the average player experiences. Stoopzz wants to create a community where anyone, at any level of game experience, can go and learn about the game together. 

When asked why he wanted to join Method, Stoopzz said,

Well, Method has had a long history of putting on community run events. Personally, I find enjoyment in being a part of the World of Warcraft community, and I like to find ways to give back to the players that have made this game so great. Over the years, Method has done the same by giving competitive WoW players the opportunity to pursue World of Warcraft professionally.

If you’re like us and love educational content, you will definitely want to check out Stoopzz’s content. Watch his stream at and follow him at @stoopzz_tv!

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