Siege of Orgrimmar Heroic Progress Coverage

Siege of Orgrimmar Heroic Progress Coverage

Article originally posted on Manaflask

UPDATE - Nov 05 15:20 CET by Starym
And we're all done! Our Siege of Orgrimmar Heroic coverage is officially over as we have both the 10 and 25 man top 20! Tier 16 lasted for exactly 50 days with the first guild being done with it in two weeks - it's been a great one and it'll be a while until the next raid so thanks to everyone that followed the race with us. We'll still add the remaining 3 spots in the US 10 man Garrosh top 5 as they come in to the tables, but that's pretty much it.

Here are the final standings:

UPDATE - Nov 04 14:41 CET by Starym
Almost all done people! We finally have a US No.1 and it is quite the upset. After Avast have been dominating the entire tier up to the final boss, Nightmare Asylum have pulled a win at the very last boss. World (West) 16th and big congrats to them! To make matters worse for Avast, Modest grabbed the US No.2 a mere 2 hours after Nightmare Asylum, finishing in 17th overall. We also got another four guilds across the finish line, with Perception, Spiters and Herp Derp all downing Garrosh before Nightmare Asylum for the 13th, 14th and 15th Eu and West spots!

UPDATE - Oct 28 14:40 CET by Starym
Yesterday was a big day for 25 man as we got another three guilds across the finish line and we only need one more to complete the top 20! Pwnanza and Immersion got the 17th and 18th spots as well as EU 13th and 14th, while Vigil snagged the penultimate top 20 spot as well as a US 5th! Congratulations to all the finishers!

UPDATE - Oct 27 13:17 CET by Starym
The Top 10 is here! Inner Sanctum and Tranq close out the No.9 and 10 spots, both overall and in the EU, downing Garrosh recently. And the top 10 is:

1. Paragon
2. Depraved
3. Sanitas
4. nfaculty Hordlinge
5. Moonz
6. CrushTest
7. Practice
8. Irradiated
9. Inner Sanctum
10. Tranq

UPDATE - Oct 22 15:44 CET by Starym
We have a US fourth finisher! The absolute loudest guild in the rankings, WHATEVER WERE AWESOME is done with the expansion and finished in 16th place and stayed in that US top 5.
Meanwhile in tenland we have yet to see any US finishers, but Irradiated join the 7 other EU guilds that have finished and got Garrosh down, claiming their No.8 spot.

UPDATE - Oct 21 05:05 CET by Starym
Another two downed Garrosh today and claimed the 14th and 15th spots on the list, namely Be Negative and Rapid Eye Movement.
Practice are also done with the expansion and claim the No.7 spot.

UPDATE - Oct 19 03:05 CET by Starym
We have two more finishers! Prestige Gaming and Not So Serious have crossed the finish line and downed Garrosh for the 12th and 13 spots, as well as the EU 9 and 10!

UPDATE - Oct 18 15:18 CET by Starym
More done! CrushTest grab the 6th spot on the podium and down Garrosh for 14/14!

UPDATE - Oct 17 15:43 CET by Starym
And we have a Paragons Top 20! 20 guilds on 13/14 with two US guilds rounding out the final two spots and also claiming the US 5th and 6th spots, namely Promethean and Vigil. This is Promethean's first top 5 placement this tier and they've been steadily improving since their Spoils kill, congrats to them!

UPDATE - Oct 17 04:45 CET by Starym
Yet more movement today as we get our 11th, but more importantly, the US 3rd! Duality got past Garrosh and are done with the expansion as well! In Paragons news Black Lotus also got passed em and are currently in 18th place.
Not much happening recently in 10 man, with only Paragons kills present, although there was a US second by Modest for the overall 16th and Encore beating them out by 1 place in 15th. Still only 5 guilds finished the race in this particular discipline.

UPDATE - Oct 16 22:30 CET by Starym
And we have a Top 10! Set sail for fail grabbed the final spot some 20 minutes ago and crossed the finish line taking the EU 8th as well.

UPDATE - Oct 16 02:49 CET by Starym
It's Garrosh is dead day it seems with yet another guild downing the final boss of the expansion. It was genuine's turn this time around and they grabbed the World (West) 9th and EU 7th! Only one spot left in that vaunted Top 10

UPDATE - Oct 15 23:24 CET by Starym
It's been a crazy couple of hours it seems, with two more crossing the finish line and giving us our top 5! nfaculty Hordlinge claim the No.4 spot mere 5 minutes ahead of Moonz who got the 5th spot. It seems crazy to think that after the boss has been up for weeks these two guilds kill it so close to one another!
We're nearing a top 10 with yet another guild downing Garrosh and finishing up this final tier. Ascendance claim the No.8 spot as well as the EU 6th, congratulations to them!

UPDATE - Oct 14 18:43 CET by Starym
And we finally have the US first on Paragons of the Klaxxi! It's Avast once again, claiming their 10th US first, as well as the World (West) 14th. Brotherhood of the Wolf and Prime beat them to the kill though, and got the 12th and 13th spots on the leaderboard.
We also have another entry to the Paragons down list, with Pwnanza  claiming the 17 spot.

UPDATE - Oct 13 21:54 CET by Starym
We have our next finisher! ScrubBbusters continue their climb to the top through the past few tiers and end the final tier in 7th place as well as the EU 5th!

UPDATE - Oct 13 04:12 CET by Starym
And we have a 6th guild over the finish line! TG Gaming claim the World (West) No.6 and EU 4th along with the German first.

UPDATE - Oct 13 01:25 CET by Starym
We have a bunch more Paragons kills today, with Be Negative getting the World (West) 16th, EU 12th in 25 man; Fusion and Tranq the 10th and 11th spots in 10 man.

UPDATE - Oct 12 16:40 CET by Starym
There's been some US Siegecrafter action in the last day, but before that we have another entry in the Paragons down file, Practice get the World (West) and EU 9th. And on Mr. Blackfuse we have a No.3 and No.4 US kill with Arathian Knights jumping several places to grab the bronze away from Nightmare Asylum in No.4.

UPDATE - Oct 12 03:51 CET by Starym
Depraved have gone and hit up the video of their kill today and you can check it out here. I'm not going to comment on "kill video etiquette".

UPDATE - Oct 12 01:59 CET by Starym
And of course everything has to happen on the day I'm away! Rapid Eye Movement grab the 15th spot and EU 11th on 25m Paragons while Inner Santum got the 8th spot in 10 man on the same boss.

UPDATE - Oct 11 22:10 CET by Dodar
Depraved couldn't let Paragon be the only 10 man guild downing Garrosh and took their World (West) 2nd on this boss, closely followed by Sanitas in 3rd place.

UPDATE - Oct 11 04:31 CET by Starym
Two more additions to the Paragons down list - set sail for fail got the 13th spot on the list and WHATEVER WERE AWESOME the 14th, along with a US 4th.

UPDATE - Oct 10 10:13 CET by Dodar
Midwinter finishes this content with a really great 5th place, one place behind Blood Legion in the US race! Gratulations guys.

UPDATE - Oct 08 23:13 CET by Starym
Something weird has been happening in the last hour, with 4 guilds in both races downing Paragons! We have Not So Serious, Prestige Gaming and Ascendance claiming spots 10 through 12 and EU 7 through 10, the last two within minutes of eachother.
Only 1 down in 10 man, but also within the 1 hour magic windown, namely CrushTest, with their World (West) and EU 7th Paragons kill.

UPDATE - Oct 08 12:10 CET by Dodar
Almost missed that one, Modest got the US 2nd on Siegecrafter

UPDATE - Oct 08 05:10 CET by Starym
More action, although not of the Garrosh variety. Duality grab the US 3rd, World (West) 9th on Paragons.

UPDATE - Oct 08 00:44 CET by Starym
It's just not Garrosh's day - two kills in 12 hours. This time around it's Envy doing the imprisoning and getting a nice World (West) 4th and EU 3rd as a reward! Congratulations all round.

UPDATE - Oct 07 18:05 CET by Starym
KIN Raiders, the champions of tier 13 and Deathwing have finished the Siege and earned themselves an Asia 4th kill on Garrosh!

UPDATE - Oct 06 18:50 CET by Starym
And Method's Garrosh video is out! It seems the Asia vids influenced them into posting theirs with only 3 guilds killing it so here it is:


UPDATE - Oct 06 18:29 CET by Starym
Exorsus are done! They also re-confirm the spot they've held throughout the expansion and grab the World (West) 3rd on Garrosh! Big congratulations to them and a great final placement, the bronze is nothing to sneer at! 14/14 and the EU secind as well.

Garrosh Hellscream 25 man World (West) 3rd, EU 2nd by Exorsus

UPDATE - Oct 05 18:26 CET by Starym
And they've done it! Paragon have retained their No.1 status and done the same thing Method did in 25 man, Garrosh Hellscream World (West) First! 638 pulls of persistence and an amazing show of dedication. Whether Garrosh was more difficult in 10 or not, it was certainly a very challenging boss and he's finally down. Huge congratulations to Paragon, who actually had some competition in this tier but still managed to come out on top and claim the entire expansion as their own, every single endboss.

Garrosh Hellscream 10 man World (West) First by Paragon

We also have another 10 Garrosh kill, but from Asia, where Aristocrat Lordliness also got him down 2nd in that particular race.

UPDATE - Oct 05 16:01 CET by Starym
The next in the Paragons down squad is Irradiated, World (West) and EU 6th! Quite a large amount of guilds on Garrosh now and still no kill, seems like the 10 man version is quite the challenge!

UPDATE - Oct 05 01:49 CET by Starym
ScrubBusters yet again prove they are a force to be reckoned with and solidify their top 10 status, grabbing the World (West) 8th, EU 6th on Paragons of the Klaxxi.

UPDATE - Oct 04 20:49 CET by Starym
It's a kill bonanza today with Paragons dropping left and right. Moonz are the lastest to claim their victory over the Klaxxi folk, with their World (West) and EU 5th. 13/14.

UPDATE - Oct 04 19:59 CET by Starym
TG Gaming are the first in a long while to break through to 13/14 and they grabbed the World (West) 6th, EU 4th on Paragons of the Klaxxi! And as the Germans apparently do everything together genuine also downed Paragons, a mere 3 minutes behind TG, and are now in spot No.7.

In Asian news, Wings of Aurora have also downed Garrosh, claiming the 3rd spot in their race. Congratualtions on finishing the tier!

UPDATE - Oct 04 16:10 CET by Starym
Well, well, well... It seems that even though they can't compete with the rest of the World due to the changes to their game, Asian guilds are dead set on at least affecting the race. Stars|KeaHoarl have released their Garrosh kill video. Yep, can't add much more to that; if you think it's ok to influence the race in this way and that guilds should be able to release their own videos whenever they want then this won't bother you in the slightest, but some of us find it disruptive to the competition.
On a more positive note, those are some awesome nerdscreams.

UPDATE - Oct 04 15:04 CET by Dodar
More 10 man kills! Avast claims the US first on Siegecrafter Blackfuse. They are a bit behind the European guilds with this World (West) 10th, but still in the game!

UPDATE - Oct 04 04:42 CET by Starym
The day has been kind to Siegecrafter killers, with Practice gaining the No.9 spot in 10 man, Immersion and Promethean grabbing the final two top 20 spots in 25 man.

UPDATE - Oct 04 01:02 CET by Starym
There was also an Asian silver medal handed out today, with Style claiming the 2nd kill on Garrosh! Congratulations to them as well!

UPDATE - Oct 04 00:50 CET by Starym
And Blood Legion have done it! They've secured their silver medal at the end of Mists of Pandaria, a well deserved and consistent ranking. Obviously they also retained their US first status and cemented themselves in the annals of the elite guilds of WoW history. World (West) 2nd and US first on Garrosh Hellscream and a well deserved rest incoming.

Garrosh Hellscream 25 man World (West) 2nd, US first by Blood Legion

UPDATE - Oct 03 19:45 CET by Starym
It seems CrushTest's kill has sparked up the 10 man race and Hordlinge took up the torch and downed Paragons of the Klaxxi World (West) and EU 4th! With 4 guilds now at Garrosh, Paragon's lead is dwindling and we may see an upset this tier yet! (I'm not giving up on the curse!!11)
Tranq also took up the call and downed Siegecrafter WW and EU 8th.

UPDATE - Oct 03 18:00 CET by Starym
10 man is alive! With the last update coming 4 days ago I was starting to get worried, but it's Russians to the rescue! CrushTest finished off Siegecrafter Blackfuse and grabbed that World (West) and EU 7th place.

UPDATE - Oct 03 16:26 CET by Dodar
Ascension filled up the US Top 5 on Siegecrafter, still in the top 20 with the 18th spot.

UPDATE - Oct 03 14:39 CET by Dodar
Progress! Stars|KeaHoarl got the Asian first 25 Garrosh hc! Congratulations.

Asia First Garrosh 25 heroic by Stars|KeaHoarl

UPDATE - Oct 03 05:35 CET by Starym
Something happened! As unlikely as that may sound, we did in fact get a crumb of activity after the reset: the US 4th on Siegecrafter by WHATEVER WERE AWESOME who climbed up 1 spot on the US charts.

UPDATE - Oct 02 05:48 CET by Starym
Here we are in week 3 of this Heroic race and we already have a winner in 25 man, as well as in Asia 10. Only two guilds have so far downed Garrosh, the latter under...less than standard circumstances. With Method taking it easy (or at least easier) this reset the race's focus comes to Paragon on the West 10 man side and Blood Legion, Exorsus and Envy on the 25 man side. Both Paragon and BL have one or two days' advantage on Garrosh tries over their competition, but with the new reset coming up and Garrosh being a steep gear check, that advantage may evaporate quickly. In Asian 25 man Stars|KeaHoarl are up against WIngs of Aurora and KIN Raiders and have an even smaller advantage in time spent on Garrosh. It's pretty certain we'll be seeing more 14/14 this reset, and perhaps even today, so let's not kid ourselves by thinking the race is over and that we know how it ends. The curse may yet get Paragon, and then my constant mentioning of it will be vindicated.

UPDATE - Oct 02 01:56 CET by Starym
Two more guilds hop onboard the 12/14 train and claim the 15th and 16h kills on Siegecrafter - set sail for fail and Advance, respectively.

UPDATE - Oct 01 17:30 CET by Starym
More Method action, with the release of their World (West) first Paragons of the Klaxxi video.
Prestige Gaming also made it to the the 12/14 mark, World (West) 14th, EU 11th on Siegecrafter.

UPDATE - Oct 01 09:06 CET by Dodar
Method downing Garrosh doesnt stop the other guilds from pushing hard! Midwinter came with another suprise Kill! Paragons of Klaxxi are down, World 5th and US 2nd!

UPDATE - Oct 01 03:13 CET by Starym
And we have the Nerdscreams! And for those wondering what that Heroic phase is all about and whether Garrosh actually dies in the Heroic version, this is basically what that phase is.
In other trivia, Method needed between 250 and 272 pulls to down Garrosh.


UPDATE - Oct 01 02:54 CET by Starym
For those of you not familiar with "the curse" and the unprecedented nature of this kill, let me repost what was already stated a while ago: no guild that has dominated an expansion (i.e. was considered the No.1 guild throughout the expansion) has actually managed to win the race in the final tier of that same expansion. Death & Taxes lost on the very final boss of Vanilla to Nihilum, Nihilum lost in the final tier of The Burning Crusade to SK Gaming, Ensidia was beaten by Paragon in Icecrown, Paragon (with a lot of technical issues and weirdness) lost to KIN Raiders in the final tier of Cataclysm.

UPDATE - Oct 01 02:06 CET by StarymAnd so it was. Method are the first guild in World of Warcraft history to finish an expansion that they'd thoroughly dominated on top in the final tier. 25 man Heroic Garrosh Hellscream brought them this honor and they claim it with pride. Four out of five endboss firsts in this expansion after a very long history in WoW raiding, Method truly are a juggernaut and have come to rest at the top of the heap. Death & Taxes, Nihilum, Ensidia, Paragon - none of these giants managed to finish up the expansion they were dominant in on top at the end, but Method have claimed that first as well and are now unique among the top guilds of WoW history.

Garrosh Hellscream 25 man World First by Method

No amount of congratulations is enough, but they have ours anyway and we'll be speaking to them in-depth very soon - just as soon as they wake from the comatose sleep that probably set in just after the celebrations subsided.

UPDATE - Oct 01 00:34 CET by Starym
Just to mess up my little list below, Ascendance went and killed Siegecrafter World (West) 13th, EU 10th! Damn them! To be fair they killed it an hour ago, but Wowprog just updated, so damn them a little less!

UPDATE - Sep 30 00:14 CET by Starym
I'm going to risk it and say it's been relatively quiet today at the top of both races and hope that doesn't cause Garrosh to spontaneously combust and die. With this little calm period it's time again to look at the standings and see how many guilds are at how many bosses killed (this is the number of guilds that have cleared up to a certain point in the instance - so 1/14 doesn't signify all guilds that killed Immerseus, just those that only killed him) and to hear some new names mentioned in the race!

13/14 - Envy, Exorsus, Blood Legion, Method
12/14 - Wraith, Duality, Rapid Eye Movement, Not So Serious, ScrubBusters, genuine, TG Gaming, Midwinter
            11/14 - Century, Legends Never Die, Ad Infinitum, Unhuman, Apex, Schwingen des Phoenix, Hope n Despair,                                  Flawless, Exploding Labrats, Be Negative, Taiga, Black Lotus, Pwnanza, Promethean, Vigil, WHATEVER                              WERE AWESOME, Ascension, CATASTROPHE, Immersion, set sail for fail, Advance, Prestige Gaming,                             Ascendance (23 guilds)
            10/14 - 16 guilds
              9/14 - 39 guilds
              8/14 - 55 guilds
              7/14 - 13 guilds
              6/14 - 15 guilds
              5/14 - 20 guilds
              4/14 - 18 guilds
              3/14 - 37 guilds
              2/14 - 85 guilds
              1/14 - 56 guilds

13/14 - Sanitas, Depraved, Paragon
12/14 - Irradiated, nfaculty Hordlinge, Moonz
            11/14 - Eleven, Arathian Knights, Herp Derp, Myth, kinetigger, IM A WHALE RUAHUAHUAHUAH, Ira Dei, Flat Earth               Society, Loot FTW, Esoteric, Fragile, Modest, Inner Sanctum, Nightmare Asylum, Insignificant, Prime, Insurgency,                Divinity, Refuge, CrushTest, Cynetic, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Disbanded, Fusion, Encore, IRON LION ZION, Spiters,             Tranq, Practice, Avast  (30 guilds)
            10/14 -  33 guilds
              9/14 -  57 guilds
              8/14 -  83 guilds
              7/14 -  46 guilds
              6/14 - 108 guilds
              5/14 -  91 guilds
              4/14 - 115 guilds
              3/14 - 151 guilds
              2/14 -  84 guilds
              1/14 - 248 guilds

UPDATE - Sep 30 21:49 CET by Starym
A trickle of action on this slow evening, Wraith have managed to not fall into a hole and instead downed Siegecrafter World (West) 12th, EU 9th. The 12th 12/14, that's gotta be some kind of good luck charm.

UPDATE - Sep 30 18:17 CET by Starym
Irradiated climb 3 spots to claim the World (West) and EU 6th spot on Siegecrafter, in a bit of an upset skipping US leaders Avast (who are actually an Oceanic gu)

UPDATE - Sep 30 06:33 CET by Starym
The day keeps giving and giving. We have a US 3rd on Siegecrafter Blackfuse by Duality, and overall 11th. This makes it 7 guilds on 12/14.

UPDATE - Sep 30 02:33 CET by Starym
KIN raiders got the Asia 3rd on Paragons several hours ago, congrats!

UPDATE - Sep 30 00:41 CET by Starym
Things are heating up today in both races as we have another entry on 13/14. Sanitas have climbed back to their third spot and grabbed the World (West) and EU 3rd on Paragons of the Klaxxi and are now even with Paragon and Depraved - the Scandinavian trio is back!

UPDATE - Sep 30 00:08 CET by Starym
Well, this is what happens when I only rely on Wowprogress for standings - errors. It appears that it was actually Not So Serious that got the No.9 on Siegecrafter and Rapid Eye Movement the No.10. Apologies for the confusion.

UPDATE - Sep 29 23:57 CET by Starym
And we have a bit of an upset! Rapid Eye Movement have jumped into 9th place, downing Siegecrafter Blackfuse EU 7th and hopping up a gigantic 7 spots. Big congratulations to them and we hope to have another contender in the top guild race! 12/14.

UPDATE - Sep 29 23:02 CET by Starym
Envy grab the No.4 spot on Paragons of the Klaxxi! With four guilds at the last boss now and Garrosh being somewhat tough, this race might get messy yet again, even though Method have a significant lead. In any case congratulations to Envy and lets hope we get at least another reset out of this race. Apologies for the temporary site downtime as well.

UPDATE - Sep 29 16:55 CET by Starym
Hordlinge pop into No.5 and down Siegecrafter Blackfuse. We now have an all EU top 5 with 2 guilds on 13 and the rest on 12/14.

UPDATE - Sep 29 15:56 CET by Starym
Exorsus are still hanging in there at the No.3 spot, but their luck is going downhill. As you may remember they had a lot of server issues, wasting quite some hours of their Siegecrafter attempts. Well, now it's something new - their Garrosh won't spawn. They're getting some help from GMs, but it's already been 3-4 hours of no boss. Luckily Garrosh seems like a tough cookie so this delay won't be as crucial as on some of the easier bosses. Let's hope the issue gets resolved soon! - The issue was resolved, but cost them around 7 hours of tries on Garrosh.

UPDATE - Sep 29 14:17 CET by Dodar
Another Thok-kill: Esoteric downed the Dinosaur US 5th and is now going for Siegecrafter!

UPDATE - Sep 29 03:56 CET by Starym
Wings of Aurora's stream of their Asia 2nd kill is available online and you can check it out here. We wouldn't normally want to advertise the video's existence, but the top guilds already know about it so any potential damage is already done.

UPDATE - Sep 29 02:30 CET by Starym
Things always happen close to eachother and Exorsus decided that all this 10 man attention isn't ok. To resolve this they went ahead and downed Paragons World (West) 3rd and got themselves a huge advantage over the other 12/13ers! It's a 3 man race now at the top for the West first and the curse is looming again.

UPDATE - Sep 29 02:21 CET by Starym
And Garrosh is dead! Don't get excited, though, it's only 10 man on Asian servers, aka 8 ilevels higher 25 man loot + the separate resets! In any case it's the first recorded kill of the boss, even though we clearly track Asian servers separately because of this significant gear advantage. It's Tian qi again, the same guild that got Paragons first (please correct me if the name isn't the right translation).

Garrosh Hellscream 10 man Asia First by 天 啟 (Tian qi)

UPDATE - Sep 28 20:53 CET by Starym
And we have a No.2! Depraved continue their silver position hoarding and join Paragon on 13/14. World (West) 2nd on Paragons of the Klaxxi! Can the curse still happen on the 10 man side?

UPDATE - Sep 28 19:18 CET by Starym
It seems Wings of Aurora have downed Paragons Asia second! Big thanks to Berryp and sagabomb for the updates! Armory confirms the kill so there's no doubt!

UPDATE - Sep 28 18:59 CET by Starym
Moonz! Another Siegecrafter kill and a West and EU 4th for the guild we know well from Throne of Thunder! A repeat from Thok and 12/14, congratulations!

UPDATE - Sep 28 09:59 CET by Dodar
Big Thanks to AngrybirdsTW , we now have the Stars|Keahoarl Killshot:

Paragons of the Klaxxi 25 man Asia First by Stars|KeaHoarl

UPDATE - Sep 28 04:04 CET by Starym
It's been a while since our last Thok o'clock update and the great big dinosaur is back! Nightmare Asylum grab the US third and join the now 23 strong pack on 11/14.

UPDATE - Sep 28 02:40 CET by Starym
Confirmed now, thanks to bryana for the link, Stars|KeaHoarl did indeed down Paragons ahead od Blood Legion, grabbing the Asia first. Congratulations and good luck on Garrosh!

UPDATE - Sep 28 02:20 CET by Starym
It seems Stars|KeaHoarl had also downed Paragons of the Klaxxi, Asia first and before Blood Legion's West 2nd. I can't seem to find any official confirmation or screenshot, but it's been widely reported (and apologies for the late update - I've been afk this afternoon and my colleagues are...less observant). So if anyone has an armory link/screenshot to throw our way we'd be grateful!

UPDATE - Sep 28 00:38 CET by Starym
And we have a No.2! Blood Legion have finally downed Paragons and again showed their supremacy over the rest of the pack! It took a while, but if Garrosh is a true endboss my end-of-expansion-curse theory is totally still viable...

UPDATE - Sep 27 09:15 CET by Dodar
We have some movement in US 10s! Divinity just took the US 2nd on Thok

UPDATE - Sep 27 03:06 CET by Starym
Some more updates, on Thok this time, with Vigil just barely missing out on the top 20, but still grabbing that US 6th kill.
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