Serenity Main Raiders Return to Method

Serenity Main Raiders Return to Method

Several high-profile Serenity main raid team members have left Serenity to join Method in time for Tomb of Sargeras, namely Fragnance, Lazel, Gingi and Deepshades. In their own words:

Serenity was a once in a life time opportunity, but it ended up in too many problems on our road to world first. We tried for 3 tiers and couldn't make it work, too many core people to replace. With the loss of a few key people, I feel like the effort needed to be put in and the time to actually recover from the losses is too big.

Legion overall was very heavy on content from start till' ye basically forever, if you wanna stay on top of hardcore raiding, so that burned out quite a few people. I'm happy for my time spent in Serenity, but I am now "reopening" a new chapter in my life with Method, once again striving for the throne of world first, with the same guys I once held it with.

My main reason for leaving is that I'm nowhere near done chasing World Firsts in WoW. I feel like Method is a more capable and stable guild than Serenity could ever be. Even when we split back in the day, Method was showing great determination and dedication to rebuild the guild and that is what I need right now. After all, getting to this level of raiding is usually done by leaving behind some good or even best friends, you need to be somewhat selfish to get to the top and stay there, and I feel like this is one of those moments. A huge shoutout to (SERENITY BOYS?), for the time being it was awesome!
I do sound a bit selfish, but as explained above, this is what had to be done! #ScoWasntTheProblem

- Fragnance

After leaving FSY for Serenity then finding out things are not going to work properly, I'm glad to say that Method is going to be my new home.

- Lazel

Serenity has been a crazy ride with ups and downs. Lately we have been struggling to the point that it does not seem like the guild is moving forward. So it's a sad goodbye, but looking ahead I'm excited to join Method in the world #1 race!

- Gingi

After my chapter closes in Serenity I am really happy to join the Method organization for the next progress race for World First. Looking forward to playing with old friends together again to achieve our goals.

- Deepshades

The entire Method organization welcomes these players and is ready to focus on preparation for Tomb of Sargeras and the race to World First, which should prove to be one of the best, considering how Legion's raid progression has gone so far.

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