Seething Shore Battleground Breakdown: Patch 7.3.5

Seething Shore Battleground Breakdown: Patch 7.3.5

The new battleground, Seething Shore, was announced at BlizzCon this past November. The battleground is currently in PTR along with other content coming next month in Patch 7.3.5. We got to check it out during a Blizzard scheduled testing event that took place this week. In addition to the preview video below, I have outlined the vital information about the Seething Shore.

Location: Off the coast of Sillithus in Kalimdor.

Team Size: 10 man teams.

Game Style: Resource race that involves gathering Azerite.

How to Win: Gather 1500 Azerite resources first.

Battleground Elements

Once the battleground begins, you jump off the ship and parachute to the spot you want to go.

  • There will be a vehicle button that pops up when you jump that will thrust you forward.
  • Look at the map to see the best location to land, paying particular attention to any active Azerite nodes.
  • Right before you hit the ground, your parachute will automatically open.
  • Ranged players can attack players before they land.

The player graveyard is located on each faction ship.

  • This allows resurrected players to then parachute down again, giving the perfect vantage point to drop in.

Players will stop the opposing team from gathering the Azerite by interrupting the mining action. This is similar to interrupting opposing players who are attempting to cap a base.

  • The mining action to gather the Azerite is 6 seconds long.
  • Several players can attempt to gather the node, but only one player will get it. Of course, this is similar to attempting to get the flag in the middle of Eye of the Storm. Many will try, only one will get it.
  • The active Azerite nodes are random.
    • While the active node locations are random, all the Azerite fissures that contain these nodes are in the same areas throughout the map.
    • When an Azerite node is spawning, you will see the warning text that says, "Azerite fissures begin to erupt!"
      • Looking at the map, you will see the node icon indicating where you need to go.
      • There is a greenish smoke animation that comes from the Azerite node during the fissure eruption.
    • Players will not be able to begin mining the Azerite node until the erupt animation is complete.
    • With several players at an active Azerite node.
      • One or two players can gather the Azerite while the others defend against the opposing team's potential onslaught. Unless of course, everyone is to busy fighting on the roads.

During the battle, your factions ship above drop supplies for use in the battleground. The buff's we saw drop were:

  • The Berserking Buff
  • The Restoration Buff

That is all the information we have available now for Seething Shore. It is important to note that this battleground is still in testing, so this may not be the final form.

Make sure to check out the video preview of Seething Shore below:

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