Pre-race Interview with Cayna, Naowh and Philwestside

Pre-race Interview with Cayna, Naowh and Philwestside

The Mythic Uldir World First race starts tomorrow and we had a short chat with three Method raiders to find out what the preparation was like pre-Heroic and Mythic+ week, as well as their thoughts on Battle for Azeroth and its features in general.

What are your initial thoughts on BfA overall?

Cayna: Worldquest simulator is pretty fun so far.

Naowh: A turtle has made it to the water.

Philwestside: Not as stressful as I thought it would be, so I’m enjoying it.

Which class/spec would you pick as best for the individual roles (for raiding) and which ones are the worst?

Cayna: Dps gonna change a lot during heroic week as they do some tuning. But mages/rogues/hunters ect are always save bets I guess.

Naowh: Anything with multiple specs of the same role.

Philwestside: Agree with Cayna, mage/rogue/hunters are usually safe bets but anything can happen.

How close are all guild members to max gear pre-raid?

Cayna: Atm we are farming what we can, M+ blast along with heroic week is going to give us the end gear. Of Course keeping up to date with some strong BoE items.

Naowh: No point in farming gear apart from Azerite armor atm since everything will be replaced in M+.

Philwestside: We are running the mythic dungeons to trade Azerite traits but it’s heroic/m+ week that will be the time when we get almost everything we will be entering the raid with.

How difficult was it to get to that optimal place on all the needed alts and what did you have to do specifically?

Naowh: Alts felt pretty chill this expansion, reaching revered with CoA was pretty easy, and always fun trying new stuff in weekly M0.

Philwestside: Alts didn’t feel that bad as you only needed to run the mythic dungeons, cap expeditions and do CoA WQs.

What are your expectations for Uldir based on raid testing? Will it be another EN or an actual challenge?

Cayna: First tiers in history never lasted that long, Highmaul took a couple of days and EN well… yea. Hopefully 3-4 days but not expecting it to last too long.

Philwestside: I like the instance, it has some interesting encounters, especially Zul & G’huun. However, the first raid of an expansion is usually a little shorter/easier than the upcoming ones.

Would you prefer a quicker raid in Uldir since it’s the first raid of the expansion or the usual 2-ish week race?

Naowh: As long as it lasts longer than EN I can’t complain.

Philwestside: I wish it would last at least 1 lockout, but usually the first raid is a little shorter.

What’s your favorite BfA feature so far?

Cayna: Nothing really…. I guess M+ seasons?

Naowh: Mythic+ seasons.

Philwestside: M+ seasons sounds fun, with a changing “seasonal affix”.

What are your thoughts on the Azerite system?

Cayna: Please make it account wide. It’s still better than 3-4 separate weapons, but still not fun to have alts that are weaker cause you don’t want to spend 8 hours per day doing wq.

Naowh: Better than Artifact weapons but still kinda meh, wish the traits had a bigger impact on the gameplay.

Philwestside: I like it better than the artifact power system in legion, however I feel there are not many traits that change you playstyle, it has a lot of potential and hopefully it will be improved further into the expansion.

What’s your favorite boss from beta testing?

Cayna: G’huun

Philwestside: Zul & G’huun

Remember, the race starts tomorrow for US/OC guilds and on Wednesday we get to watch live as Method head into Uldir and rush towards G'huun and possibly another World First!

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