Pohx joins Method

Pohx joins Method

We are pleased to announce another addition to the Method family, Path of Exile player and streamer, Pohx!

Raised in South Florida, Pohx grew up playing Warcraft III and a load of free to play MMORPG’s. Pohx is a long-time veteran to content creation and in 2014 decided to move to Texas after receiving Twitch Partnership to pursue content creation full time. In the past year, Pohx has hit many personal milestones in his career including 600 subscribers and over 9 million total views.

We asked Pohx why he was interested in joining Method, and he said:

“A good friend of mine is on Method for Path of Exile, and it’s really great to be a part of a growing community.”

Pohx provides an energetic and informative stream and you’ll after find him creating some unique builds for Path of Exile. You can check Pohx’s stream by going to twitch.tv/pohx and follow him at @Pohxx.

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