Paragon Is Ready for WoD, Merged with Depraved

Paragon Is Ready for WoD, Merged with Depraved

Article originally posted on Manaflask

We're a bit late on this one, blame it on all the New Year's commotion. But great news is great no matter when it comes, and this is about the best news we could get for the new year. Paragon now look very ready to tackle the WoD Mythic race having added tons of new people and even having started clearing SoO 25.

With 15 new people coming in since the Mythic announcement, making it a total of 27 in the roster at the moment, it would seem we are going to get a damn good race in Warlords of Draenor and Method and Blood Legion are going to start sweating very soon. 8 of those new players came from Depraved making this either a merge or an absorption, but the terminology doesn't matter much - all that matters is that we have Paragon back in the race with all the other top guilds. Now all we can hope for is that Asian guilds get to play on the same rule set as the rest of the world and we'll have ourselves the perfect race!

Here's the full post from Paragon's site:

Recruitment has been going good so far. We are now at a point where we can start farming SoO 25man and trying out the new recruits. We are still recruiting for WoD, for more information check out the recruitment post:

Currently we have 27 players in our roster:

Players who played with us in MoP (12):
Sejta, Fragi, Verdisha, Jhazrun, Unpl, Deva, Iiris, Daewyn, Vivanda, Luny, Baltha, Lappe

Players who played in Cataclysm progress raids (2):
Kyy, Yliajo

Players who were supposed to be on the MoP 25man team, but never played in progress raids with us (4):
Ironi(Depraved), Riks(Depraved), Thasi, Zelli

Completely new to the guild (9):
Alzu, Kaneli, Namm, Neverknow, Rathy, Vereesa (all 6 from Depraved #2 10man)
Luumu (eXample #49 25man, Verdishas guild)
Sinc (ScrubBusters #7 25man)
Lyn (Pure #57 25man)

I would also like to clarify what I had earlier said in an interview with manaflask that a merge with Depraved is not gonna happen because they can't put in the time to raid hardcore. This has changed since the interview, they are now willing to put in the time and we will be pushing for the mythic world firsts as hard as ever

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