Oonolive joins Method

Oonolive joins Method

We’re thrilled to welcome our third French WoW streamer, Oonolive, to Method!

Oonolive started playing WoW with Mists of Pandaria, but he didn’t begin streaming full time until late 2018. Even in that short period of time, he’s checked off several major milestones as a competitor and as a streamer. Last year he participated in one of Twitch’s largest charity marathons, Z Event, where he and other streamers raised a record-breaking 3.5+ million euros for a cause that’s close to him personally: the non-profit Pasteur Institute, which studies vaccines and diseases. This year, Oonolive achieved M+ World First and has been gearing up for the launch of Shadowlands, already publishing a video guide with Blizz Spirit on all eight new dungeons. 

While in-game Oonolive is primarily a tank, his stream is full of smiley faces and “merci’s”. When asked what he’s excited to contribute to Method, Oonolive said:

By joining Method, I hope to bring my joyful and gentle personality to this community. Above all, I wish to continue to share my knowledge, to honor mutual aid and benevolence. I deeply enjoy helping others, so I am delighted to be able to do so with even more people! and of course I can bring the French touch in my own way and give French lessons.

Catch Oonolive on twitch.tv/oonolive and YouTube, and follow him @oonolivewow!

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