Mythic+ Tips: Plaguefall

Mythic+ Tips: Plaguefall

1. Pathing around trash

Skipping the very first packs of Plaguefall isn’t a bad idea, especially since there are ways around the mobs without the need for stealth or invisibility. If you were to die, you can quickly blame the lag, release if no combat ress is available and slowly and carefully work your way around the mobs. 

There is another path you can take, depending on which trash has been cleared after the first boss, heading towards the gauntlet area before the second boss room.

2. Rigged Plagueborers

Rigged Plagueborers are interesting and very useful mobs to play with other trash. When pushed to 30% HP, a bomb on their back will begin to detonate. This detonation inflicts damage to both players and mobs alike, leaving them with a disease effect which deals significant damage over time.

There are more of these mobs going into the small gauntlet area with the slime tentacles, however unlike the Plagueborers from before, these ones are already on a timer to explode.

plaguefall plagueborers

3. Doctor Ickus lines

Doctor Ickus can be a bit of a nightmare, particularly for melee players. He is jumping around and the slime lines that appear upon landing can cause frustration; however, it is predictable. He will always target his jump towards a player, attempting to land on top of them and the lines he spawns will always spawn in front, behind and to his left and right based on the direction he is facing. This allows ranged to perform small movements in order to be safe and melee to chase the boss freely (provided you want to do that kind of legwork).

4. Ambushers

Ambusher mobs are quite nasty for the tank, causing severe amounts of damage with a jump ability that splashes when they land. They also spawn Spiderlings which immediately go into stealth upon landing. They begin a cast which, if completed, will cause them to jump to a random group member, dealing outrageous amounts of damage per Spiderling, normally killing the player. Luckily, you can see where they land and any kind of AoE CC (fear, incapacitate, stun etc) will stop the cast and they can be killed off.

5. Ickor Bileflesh and trash

The final room of Plaguefall can cause many headaches depending on the affixes of the week. However, many of the problems can be handled by simply taking a path left or right through the slime pool and starting with the packs at the back of the room. 

By doing this, you avoid pulling the mini boss, Ickor Bileflesh, and he will not teleport into the packs at the back, engaging them before you as a group are ready. 

This is particularly helpful on Explosive or Necrotic weeks as it allows you to control these affixes better, without the mini boss extending combat by aggroing packs you may have initially wanted to avoid to begin with.

Going through the pool to the left is simple with any kind of mobility such as blink, heroic leap or door of shadows, however it isn’t required as you can avoid taking the debuff from the pool by simply spamming jump as you run through.

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