MrLlamaSC joins Method

MrLlamaSC joins Method

If you love Diablo 2 and watched BlizzConline this winter, you saw MrLlamaSC bring the Diablo 2 Resurrected hype and now you’ll see him bring Diablo 2 to the Method stream team!  

Over the last six years, MrLlamaSC has built a family-friendly community that brings positivity, hilarity, and fun to every stream. While he may have only started streaming full-time a few weeks ago, he recently hit 100K Twitch (and YouTube) followers this year. If you’re watching MrLlamaSC, you can expect serious speedruns to hit new records, guides for newer players and hilarious challenge builds. He’s excited to bring the Diablo 2 scene to Method because it’s a very active and fun community that will only continue to grow as Diablo 2 Resurrected draws closer. 

When asked why he joined Method, MrLlamaSC shared:

I’ve always had interest in joining Method because I have seen them do a lot in the ARPG space and a lot of friends had good experiences with the org. After last year’s controversy, I was disappointed but once I talked with the org and heard about the steps they had taken to rebuild and improve, I felt reassured and am excited to join the stream team.

Check out his stream at and follow him at @MrLlamaSC!

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