More Battle Royale for Method as We Enter Fortnite!

More Battle Royale for Method as We Enter Fortnite!

The brand new Battle Royale genre started by PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting bigger and bigger, and there's a brand new top game in town, as Fortnite has surpassed even PUBG with 3.4 million concurrent players in its Early Access stage! The game has taken the gaming world by storm (see what we did there?) since it's release last July, with its co-op play that takes elements from sandbox games like Minecraft and survival games like Left 4 Dead. With the full release of the game not even expected until later this year, #MethodFortnite will be in on the ground floor for upcoming tournaments and leagues as they battle to protect, destroy, and survive the Battle.

And so, without further ado, here is #MethodFortnite, with the team comprised of players with backgrounds in various other games.

Jonathan "jetpacks" Bergius

Participated in Vainglory EU Winter 2016 Championship, Vainglory VG8 Spring 2017 Unified Championship, Fortnite Dreamhack Winter 2017 BYOC and more.

Method is a super cool organisation and brand with awesome members and staff whom me and my team can work together with well. We're really hungry to grow as a team, and through our relationship with Method we'll be able to do exactly that.

Martin "MartinCreek" Bäcklund

Overwatch top 500 in several seasons, many Hearthstone tournament placements, as well as a wealth of Battle Royale experience since the original Arma 3 mod.

I'm super hyped over joining Method, I have always looked up to them as an organization! Me & my team are all looking forward to representing them in coming tournaments.

Kevin "Noizeeh" Jaskiewicz

Former professional H1Z1 player, Dreamhack Winter 2017 Solo & Teams finalist for H1Z1, has been playing Fortnite Battle Royale since release.

I'm happy and thankful for the opportunity provided by Method, can't wait to represent such a big name at various competitions, it's going to be an exciting year!

Rasmus "Rasmusenn" Wiklundh

Top player in Heroes of Newerth for a long period under the nickname "Klacke", competed in the Thailand Qualifiers in 2016, focused on Fortnite Battle Royale since release.

I am really glad and thankful for the opportunity that has been given to me and my team by Method. I am super excited and really looking forward to work with such a big organisation and I am also looking forward to performing at LAN events representing Method.

For more info about this brand new team and the events they'll be competing in, as well as general Method news, make sure to follow us on twitter!

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