Minecraft King of the Hill: Season Finale!

Minecraft King of the Hill: Season Finale!

Method is thrilled to announce the final installment for season one of the Minecraft King of the Hill series! The final episode will take place on February 27th at 17:00 CET!

What Is the Method Rush: King of the Hill event?

The Method Rush: King of the Hill challenges four handpicked popular minecraft speedrunning influencers to take part in a best of three double elimination tournament. These speedrunners will battle it out as they compete head to head in a grueling competition, giving their all to emerge victorious and be crowned the King of the Hill and taking their share of the $1000 prize pool.

Who will be competing?

Feinberg is the reigning six-time KoTH champion and will be once again competing against three other speedrunners to hold his spot on the throne. The three new speedrunners will be looking to take down the reigning champ in the final event of the season are Illumina, Cube, and Silverr.

Where will the event be broadcasted?

The Minecraft head-to-head speedrunning competition will be streamed over at Twitch.tv/Method and will be casted by our amazing friends T_Wagz and Fulham! Mark your calendars the speedrunning starts at 17:00 CET on Sunday, February 27th.

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