Midwinter Partners with Method for the RWF: Ny'alotha Event

Midwinter Partners with Method for the RWF: Ny'alotha Event

The Race to World First: Ny'alotha event grows, as we have a legendary US guild joining in the fun, with Midwinter's players streaming their progress. But we're not only getting 17 additional PoVs, we're also adding two players from the guild to our commentator talent, with GM Michael "Turkey" Van Doorn and William "Aideren" Shelton coming to Krefeld, Germany to sit on the couch and tell us all about the race!

I've always been extremely passionate about progression raiding and could not be more excited to partner with Method in their Race to World First. Midwinter is thrilled to have the majority of our roster streaming the raid, featuring every PoV, as well as having myself and our trusty ret paladin attend the event live in Krefeld, Germany to cast. Ny’alotha is shaping up to be an awesome raid and I can’t wait to get out there to watch the race unfold.

- Midwinter GM Michael "Turkey" Van Doorn

Midwinter is one of the oldest guilds around in WoW's raid history, having formed in 2006 (aka Vanilla times), started raiding in the Burning Crusade, and joined the hardcore progress race in MoP's Throne of Thunder, where they promptly finished in the World top 5. They've not only been a staple in the US and World top rankings since since then, but have also claimed a World 3rd back in WoD's Blackrock Foundry race with their Blackhand kill, as well as a World First on Iron Maidens in the same raid. This wealth of experience and knowledge will enhance our RWF event, with 17 streamers joining in from home and two on the couch in Germany.

With each new Race to World First event, Method focuses on improving the viewer experience and bringing new things to the table, and with Midwinter joining the ranks both from home and on the commentator couch, this is exactly what we're doing in Ny'alotha, with even more announcements to come! Stay tuned on our twitter for the most recent news regarding the event, casting talent, guilds streaming and a lot more!

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