Method welcomes Kronawow

Method welcomes Kronawow

Are you looking for another reason to push M+ keys and cheer during MDI weekends? Then look no further because Krona is our newest WoW content creator!

What’s that? You want to know more? Krona mains Balance Druid and competes in the MDI with his Method Stream Team teammate, MoadMoad, as part of the EU team “Does Gargoyles Stream”. While he’s only been streaming since the Battle of Dazar'alor progression in 2019, Krona’s content really took off shortly after Shadowlands’ release. Recently partnered on Twitch, Krona is proud to have built his community to be 14K+ followers strong with by keeping a chill vibe focused on memes and continuous improvement. 

When asked why he joined Method, Krona shared:

I've always had a lot of respect for Method, ever since the first World First in Uldir. Method has had some incredible achievements and I hope to be included in the many more to come. 

Check out his stream at and follow him @Kronawow!

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