Method welcomes back Voci

Method welcomes back Voci

Raise your voice, because we’re welcoming back Voci, the French-language WoW streamer and competitor, to the Method Stream Team!

Voci is a prime example of dedication and love of knowledge-sharing in WoW. He started streaming full-time in 2017, when he joined Method’s guild and stream team. During his time with Method, Voci climbed high and fast up the global ranks, earning two World Firsts in Legion. Later, he continued to make noise in WoW, hitting two Firsts in France (with From Scratch) and founded his own guild (Reformed), where he still serves as GM. 

Voci’s taken his experience at Method and put it to good use, not just for himself but also for his community. You can find Voci leading almost-daily raids with his viewers to give them the invaluable raiding experience needed to join high-level guilds and compete with the best in the world. In fact, most of Reformed’s raiders originated from Voci’s community-driven raids. 

Just like how Method’s helped Voci with his raiding, Voci’s passing along the lessons learned to his community. When asked what he hopes to contribute to Method’s overall community, Voci said:

I'm always pushing the limit of viewer raids, trying to take people without experience to make them kill bosses they would never be able to without such raids. I'm generally streaming in french but we can imagine some viewer raids in English! Why not? Also, I'll be in competition against CruellaDK during the progress race, which is pretty funny now she's also streaming for Method! 

Check out Voci’s stream at for some classic French WoW competition, and follow him @VociMK!

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