Method welcomes back Kuriisu

Method welcomes back Kuriisu

In the last three months, Method’s guild has added 14 new players, including some great players from Method’s history like Viklund and Drjay. As the guild prepares for the Chains of Domination raid, we’re thrilled to welcome back Kuriisu, one of the kings of versatility and Shadow Priest legend to the guild!

Kuriisu started playing WoW in 2005 and in the years since has achieved a series of high rank kills, earning his first Method World First kill in Tomb of Sargeras as a healer. After a break, he returned to the scene to achieve his second World First as a DPS on Queen Azshara. In addition to being known for his spec versatility in high end raiding, Kuriisu is known as a top MDI competitor and will anchor Method’s MDI team next season.

While Kuriisu isn’t a full-time streamer, you will find him streaming whenever there’s new WoW content or something exciting to do. He’s proud to have built a welcoming community that’s informative and focused on gameplay. Always ready to answer questions, Kuriisu is hoping to share his jack-of-all-trades knowledge with the wider Method community.

When asked why he’s rejoined Method, Kuriisu said:

Method’s competitive results since announcing their rebuild have been really promising from the new guild’s top 10 finish in the last raid tier to Method EU and NA’s AWC strength this season. After talking with Sco, I could tell how committed he is to making Method an org the community can be proud to support again and I’m hoping the community will be here to support me and Method’s MDI team next season.

Check out his stream at and follow him at @Kuriisuwow!

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