Method Teams Clash this Weekend at the AWC Spring LAN Finals!

Method Teams Clash this Weekend at the AWC Spring LAN Finals!

It's time for a Spring showdown as we've arrived at the LAN finals for this season! The two Method teams go in as the No.1 and No.3 seeds from their respective regions, with Black having dominated the EU rankings with 2 wins and 4 second place finishes, putting them on top with 640 points, 60 ahead of Wildcard Gaming. The NA stage was presided over by Cloud9, who managed to snag 660 points, ahead of The Boys at 540, followed by our boys, current World Champions, Method Orange at 400.

And so we head into this Saturday, May 11th, with both teams ready to fight it out for the title, a piece of that huge $100,000 prize pool and the BlizzCon Grand Finals invite that comes with the title. Let's take another look at the Method rosters and hear what the players had to say about the tournament.

Method Black

  • Oscar “Whaazz” Wulff
  • Josef “Chas” Stoianov
  • René “Swapxy” Pinkera
  • Shaun “Raiku” Meaney

What impact has World of Warcraft had on your life?

I have gotten to travel places I would probably not have visited otherwise. Met a lot of great people.

- Josef "Chas" Stoianov

How do you feel about Sylvanas burning Teldrassil?

She probably just had a bad day, everyone has bad days. Just take a look at our opponents this tournament.

- Josef "Chas" Stoianov

Method Orange

  • Charles “Cdew” Dewland
  • Ryan “Trill” Costello
  • Richard “Mes” Simpson
  • Michael “Samiyam” Hlubek

What do you enjoy about competing in the AWC?

Not only do I just enjoy playing with my teammates, but it's also the feeling of winning. Winning just feels amazing and winning the 2018 AWC was almost too good to be true at the time. It also feels good when you're doing something you know others aren't doing to gain an advantage and knowing you're one step ahead of your competition.

- Ryan “Trill” Costello

Are there any teams you are afraid of in the Top 8?

I think every team has a reason to be feared, but our hardest match is probably our first one vs Wildcard Gaming. They're an incredible team that have a lot of momentum going into this tournament and will be on fire. That's not to say Method Black or Cloud9 won't put up a fight either though.

- Ryan “Trill” Costello

You can check out the other team rosters and their comments on the "Meet the Teams" page over on the World of Warcraft website.
Meanwhile, let's take a look at when we should be tuning in to for the action this weekend:

Broadcast Day PDT CEST
Day One Saturday, May 11, 9am Saturday, May 11, 6pm
Day Two Sunday, May 12, 9am Sunday, May 12, 6pm

We'll see you there and see which Method comes out on top, and enjoy a whole lot of amazing Arena action!

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