Method's WF Mythic Kil'jaeden Video

Method's WF Mythic Kil'jaeden Video

And here it finally is, the result of over 3 resets' worth of mythic raiding and 654 wipes, the kill that got Method the win in Tier 20 / Tomb of Sargeras and which took over 7 and a half days for any other guild to replicate! Check out the insanity that is the Kil'jaeden Mythic World First kill:

Great work by the video editor, PlebCentral and here are some thoughts from the man himself:

This is my 3rd tier editing for Method, and it's honestly always a pleasure working with the team, both the players and management. And even though there were some late nights it's all worth it to see a great fan reaction and all the support Method get. Hope you all enjoyed the videos from this tier.

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