Method's Kil'jaeden World 2nd in Sunwell Was 12 Years Ago Today!

Method's Kil'jaeden World 2nd in Sunwell Was 12 Years Ago Today!

We've reached another awesome milestone here at Method, as it's been 12 years since the guild took down the final boss of the Burning Crusade, the first and only half-way formed version of Kil'jaeden, with a World 2nd finish in the Sunwell Plateau race!

Method Kil'jaeden Vanilla Ranking

And so on May 26th Method claimed the No.2 spot, sandwiched between SK Gaming and Nihilum, who would merge into one guild, Ensidia, very soon thereafter, and become an even tougher opponent. Getting the Kil'jaeden kill ahead of Nihilum proved to be somewhat cathartic for Method, after all the "World first legit Vashj" debates (as Nihilum technically never killed the final SSC boss properly, Method claimed to have the real WF on the boss), and was a big milestone in the guild's progress, as this was the final raid of the expansion after all.

Securing the World 2nd on Kil’Jaeden, in 2008, at the end of TBC, was a huge achievement for Method. Despite it being a World 2nd, it is still by far one my most memorable boss kills of all time. I don’t think there has ever been a boss kill that has given me more of an adrenaline rush. When we killed it, I jumped out of my seat, threw my headset on the table, and walked into the next room of my apartment – I just couldn’t sit down or stand still, I had to keep moving. The nerd screams on the kill were on another level too, I would highly recommend checking out the kill video (I still sometimes have it on in the background just for the music)!

- Scott "Sco" McMillan, Method GM

Sunwell was a very specific raid, as it marked the end of WoW's second expansion, and saw the decline of the once dominant Nihilum, who previously held all the endboss WFs of the expansion, as well as half of Vanilla, as they struggled throughout the instance, claiming only one World First. A lot of things were changing as the first wave of WoW fatigue struck some top guilds, but Method was just getting started, as they kept the brand alive for over 15 years and eventually became the guild with most endboss World Firsts of all time. It's always great looking back at these kills and videos, and seeing how far the guild and game has come, so here's to 15 more years!

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