Method Rush Path of Exile Race Season 1

Method Rush Path of Exile Race Season 1

We have some more Method tournament action coming this month, this time around in Path of Exile. The Method Rush Season 1 race will take place over 4 days and will feature a whole bunch of, well, boss rushes! We have the best caster talent, as well as many well-known community members participating, and open spots for anyone to join in the fun. With a $4200 overall prize pool, the race is sure to stir up quite some competition and show off a lot of amazing PoE skills.

The event will take place on the weekends of April 25th/26th and May 2nd/3rd on the Method Twitch channel, it will use the race season format and feature 11 separate boss rushes, where players have to start at level 1 and fight their way through to the selected boss (with Kitava, Vaal, Piety, Malachai, Dominus and others on the list, both in soft and hardcore modes). You'll be able to track players' progress on the leaderboards provided by PoE Racing, and each day will also host some meme races, which won't count towards progress, but will be fun community-based activities.

In case you're not quite familiar with these types of events, here's an (older, but still relevant) video from Zizaran that will explain the concepts involved:

Casters and Support

The casting talent is really impressive, with tons of experience with the game and these types of races, as Octavian and RaizQT take the reins and guide us through the event, with help from tools made by Faderon and Muqve, and Viyro overseeing the entire event.

Casting competitive gaming is how Octavian first got his start behind a microphone, back in 2014, working in the collegiate scene for League of Legends. Since then, his stream has grown a following in the Path of Exile community, but the love of shoutcasting never really left. He's been on mic over the last few years, lending his voice to community events and competitive races, and is happy to continue to do so for whatever new direction POE's racing scene heads in. His only regret is not having as good a bio as Raiz.

RaizQT, the once prolific build creator is now a self-proclaimed OK racer. With multiple race seasons under his belt, thousands of race points, hundreds of demigods and only a couple deaths to Piety, he is now reborn under the alias "The Polish Rat", casting fear in the hearts of his racing opponents. This avid Twitch prime enthusiast has very recently achieved the 1st level 100 in the HCSSFBTW Harbinger League. Having well over 1000 hours in PoE, he is a true expert. He can also kill Kitava in the amount of time it took to write this bio.

Faderon is known in the community as the creator of, which has existed for a number of years. He will be helping us display the information required for you the viewer to keep track of how everyone is doing in the Standings as well as per Race Event.

Muqve is known in the community as the creator of the Casting Tool you will see put on display during the Method Rush. He has been hard at work to give the fans a much better viewing experience as well as provide our Support Staff with everything they need to assist the Casting Team.

Viyro, the creator of this event, has been around esports for over 15 Years and Path of Exile since its birth. Whenever he is not busy managing Zizaran's personal stream, he also manages the Method POE Team. If anything goes bad just blame this guy. His fond memories of Race Seasons past have brought us here, wishing for his acquaintances to once again compete at the highest level in a format that has been absent from Path of Exile for almost 4 years.

Community members participating

Aside from the casting and organizational talent, we also have a whole lot of well known PoE community members joining in the fun, including the entire Method team! Here are just some of the familiar faces you'll be seeing:

The qualifier and how to participate

We'll be starting proceedings on April 25th with the qualifier, and anyone can join! Well, anyone that meets the requirements which show us you're a serious PoE speedrunner, that is, with the ability to stream your progress also being important. 35 players will then qualify for the main event, and even if you haven't done the pre-requisites, you still have time to get them done and apply:

To partake in the Qualifier, you must either be a Kammell Approved Racer or submit a FRESH CHARACTER 4 Hour Act 10 Kitava VOD OR a 2 Hour Act 5 Kitava VOD to Viyro. Both with labs (Excluding Merc Lab in A10 Run) and skill points done. Please include your POE account name in the email. You also must be able to use Discord as we will do a lot of our communication there. This VOD must be submitted before April 24th Noon EST (6pm CEST).

Players will partake in a Qualifier on April 25th, Noon EST (6pm CEST). This qualifier consists of two separate races in which we will take your best completion time. The cutoff for both of these races will be 2 Hours. The top 35 times will qualify for Method Rush Race Season #1.

With that much PoE talent on display (and the 35 newcomers), we're sure to have a great time and some pretty exciting moments over the course of the 4 day event, so make sure to tune in, starting with the qualifiers on the 25th! You can also check out the Method twitter for updates and the latest news about the event and everything Method.

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