Method Rush is returning to Path of Exile!

Method Rush is returning to Path of Exile!

On May 22nd and 23rd, we’re excited to bring back high-end, fast paced exhilarating gameplay as competitors explore challenges that the community all knows and loves! We will chronicle the competitors’ journey as they battle their way through rigorous challenges and the top 10 highest ranked players will be awarded their share of our total prize money of $5000!

You can find everything about Method Rush: Path of Exile here on this page, including the Format, Schedule and the signups for the event!

Method Rush has an open public signup. People who wish to participate in this event will be required to submit a video with all of the required tasks completed. In the case that the signups exceed 200 players. The top 200 fastest times from signed up players will be invited to participate in the Day 1 Qualifiers. After the Day 1 Qualifiers, the top 40 racers will advance into our Day 2 aka "The Rush" stage of the event and will battle it out head to head against one another, all working towards the highest standing possible in an effort to earn their share of the prize!

Alkaizer and Audioblood are joining the show to provide on air commentary and analysis for your entertainment!


Day 1: Qualifiers, May 22nd 17:00 CEST

  • Pre-show
  • Softcore Act 5 Kitava - 2 Hour cutoff
  • Softcore Act 5 Kitava - 2 Hour cutoff
  • Meme Race: Mobility skills Team Hardcore VS Team Softcore Karvarousku and Baker VS Empyrian and Cutedog

Day 2: The Rush, May 23rd 17:00 CEST

  • Pre-show
  • Hardcore Malachai Kill - 1 Hour 15 minutes Cut off
  • Hardcore 90 min EXP Race - 1 Hour 30 minutes Cut off
  • Hardcore Izaro Kill - 1 Hour 10 minutes Cut off
  • Hardcore Act 5 Kitava - 1 Hour 45 minutes Cut off


Big shout out to Faderon for housing the leader board for our event on his website!

How to Join

You can find our signup page over on Matcherino with a full detailed list of the rules, the points system and the split of the prize money of the event!

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