Method Partners with NordVPN

Method Partners with NordVPN

United Kingdom - December 16, 2019 - Method has partnered with NordVPN, a cutting-edge Virtual Private Network that offers users cybersecurity and the peace of mind of true privacy while using the internet. Method's players will use NordVPN to ensure they can access the internet safely and reliably, even while traveling around the world to compete. This partnership will include the entire Method organization, including the World of Warcraft, WoW Classic, Fortnite, Path of Exile, Rocket League, and PUBGM teams. 

Martincreek, Method Fortnite Pro and Event Host:

At this point I pretty much use NordVPN daily. While I mainly use it for streaming services, it also makes me feel safer browsing in general.

For a limited time, you can also get a great deal: Buy a 3-year plan, get NordPass Premium FREE + 4 extra months for both save 81%.

Shanna "Darrie" Roberts, Method General Manager:

In the increasingly competitive space of esports and online competition, anything that players can do to stabilize their ping and secure their connection against DDOS attacks can give them a step up on the competition. I'm on the road up to 8 weeks a year and knowing that NordVPN can help me safely have access to my favorite websites and streaming entertainment content wherever I go saves me a lot of time and money...and makes travel a lot more enjoyable!

About NordVPN

NordVPN was founded in 2012 with a mission to free the internet. Their flagship product is a Virtual Private Network that now serves over 12 million users. Safety is a top priority for NordVPN - their system is constantly upgraded to shield users from the latest cybersecurity threats and make even public Wi-Fi networks safe and secure internet access points. In a world of data breaches and malicious actors, NordVPN offers true privacy so that neither big corporations nor hackers can track users' locations, the websites they access, or the files they download. NordVPN also allows travelers to continue to access their favorite websites and streaming services, and ensures they won't have their access restricted by bandwidth limits or censorship.

In 2019, NordVPN launched NordPass, a password manager backed by the same security expertise and unbreakable encryption that power the VPN. NordPass makes it easy to access all the digital accounts gamers need without the hassle of memorizing dozens of passwords or the insecurity of re-using passwords.

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About Method

In 2005, Scott 'Sco' McMillan founded the Method World of Warcraft guild. Today, the guild continues to claim championships in World of Warcraft, and Method has expanded into a world-class esports organization. Method players compete in World of Warcraft, WoW Classic, Fortnite, Path of Exile, Rocket League, and PUBGM.

Method is not just an esports team, however. Content creation and community building are core pillars of the #MethodWay, and Method houses one of the largest live stream teams in esports, and hosts original events such as the World of Warcraft Race for World First, with millions of fans tuning in worldwide.

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