Method moves into Minecraft Esports

Method moves into Minecraft Esports

At Method, we seek to celebrate as many MMO & RPG community esports achievements as we can.That’s why over the last several months, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create entertaining esports events that feature the highest quality gameplay possible. Today, we’re thrilled to announce Method’s latest esports stream team and expansion into Minecraft.

Minecraft is an open-world, sandbox game where players can create almost anything imaginable - the opportunities to build and innovate are endless - which makes it a perfect addition to Method’s community-driven esports program.

Introducing Minecraft Events

We’re excited to share that on June 20th & June 27th at 4PM BST/11AM EST, we will host our first-ever ‘Method Rush: Minecraft Invitational’ where some of the top Minecraft speedrunners will compete for their share of the $3,500 prize pool.

This event is the first of many in our Minecraft esports series and we cannot wait to do more. In the future look out for more Method Rush events and maybe even some MMO crossover events (we’re looking at you and your World of Warcraft dungeon building skills @MethodGokiburi) because we’re just getting started and ready to create incredible content for the Minecraft community.

Welcome the Minecraft Team

Minecraft has a massive community with tons of amazing content creators and without those incredible players and creators worldwide, Minecraft would not command the passionate fan base it does today. That being said, we here at Method would love to introduce the founding members of our new Minecraft stream team:

First up is New Zealand speedrunner, K4yfour. K4yfour is known for developing the cutting edge of Minecraft Speedrunning.  Primarily known for defining the "Hypermodern Meta", a complete reinvention of Minecraft speedrun strategy, he has also placed high on the leaderboards throughout its history.

Follow Feinberg, a top Minecraft speedrunner with all-around experience in all things Minecraft. From starting his first survival world on his 2012 MacBook trackpad to his rise to Minecraft speedrunning glory in 2021, with thousands upon thousands of Hypixel minigames in between, Feinberg is your go-to for top tier Minecraft gameplay of all shapes and sizes.

Don’t forget Dimeax has been playing Minecraft since the age of 12. Since first speedrunning the game from January 2020, he has set 3 records in the random seed glitchless(RSG) category. Dimeax formerly held the world record speedrun in the RSG category and to this day holds the only sub 20 minute run with the use of “classic strats.”

Then we’ve got NiceTwice who has been playing Minecraft since 2012 and found interest in PvP. He always loved to improve his skills and compete for a leaderboard position. Ever since joining the speedrunning community in January of 2020, NiceTwice has set and held multiple world records.

Last but never least is Dowsky, a former World of Warcraft streamer with a focus on High-rated arena, has been speedrunning in 2015 starting in the Super Mario 64 community. In his years of competing in Super Mario 64 Speedrunning, he managed to achieve 10 main category world records. Dowsky moved onto Minecraft speedrunning last year and became a top speedrunner in just a matter of months.

This is only the beginning for Method Minecraft so be sure to tune into on June 20th & June 27th at 4PM BST/11AM EST for Method Rush: Minecraft Invitational.

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