Method & Metafy level-up the coaching experience

Method & Metafy level-up the coaching experience

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Metafy!

Who is Metafy?

Metafy is an incredible platform that connects gamers who are looking to improve their skills with top players. Gamers can access coaching sessions, immersive content and other features to help them level up their game, all on-platform! Metafy is already a popular and trusted platform within many titles, however through our partnership we will ensure top level coaching and performance is available to all World of Warcraft players, regardless of class, skill level or preferred content type. Metafy gamers will be able to enjoy access to some of the best players in the world, including ‘Race to World First’ champions and legendary players within the World of Warcraft community.

So, what does this mean?

Over 20 of Method’s top players and creators will now offer a variety of World of Warcraft coaching services on Metafy, including class coaching, M+ analysis, log reviews and even raid leading! Additionally, our raiders and analysts will be working together to produce detailed guides covering a wide range of unique topics that will help you improve your gameplay, all exclusive to Metafy.

Are you a World of Warcraft Classic player? If so, then worry not. Select Method players will also be offering bespoke coaching sessions for Classic too!

Improve your skills today!

Whether you’re looking to learn how to full moon like Lorgokz, or want to understand why the heck Fragrance keeps spinning around so much on his Demon Hunter, Metafy is the place to go. Head on over to Metafy and book your first session today! 

Also, keep your eyes peeled… Over the coming months Method players will be giving away a bunch of free year-long memberships to Metafy.

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