Method Mayhem: NA Gauntlet Returns

Method Mayhem: NA Gauntlet Returns

We’re excited to announce the return of the Method Mayhem: North American Gauntlet!

The Method Mayhem: NA Gauntlet is a Rated Battleground tournament where the top RBG teams of North America battle each other in a double elimination competition to crown the best team in the region. 

When is the event?

The tournament takes place on the 26th and 27th of August. The Method stream will go live at 6pm CEST/9am PST both days. 


Method Mayhem: EU Gauntlet culminates as a Double Elimination Tournament. Each series will be a Best of 3 (Bo3), with the Grand Finals being a Best of 5 (Bo5).


All signed up teams will be seeded into the event based on their average team rating of the characters that each team has signed up for the event with. 


  • Each battleground team must comprise of a minimum of ten (10) players, with a maximum of thirteen players (13). 
  • Every team must have ten (10) players participating in each match. The three (3) players who are not in the main composition are eligible to swap into the team to change composition in between matches when permitted.
  • Battleground teams are not permitted to have more than three (3) "Healer" roles on each team in any single match.
  • Teams may not have more than one (1) "Tank" role per team.
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