Method & Kingston Forge Exciting Year-long Partnership

Method & Kingston Forge Exciting Year-long Partnership

We at Method are thrilled to announce an exciting year-long partnership with the world renowned technology brand, Kingston.

As two parties committed to excellence, this collaboration represents a significant milestone in our Road to World First project. Together, we will embark on a mission to provide the MMO/RPG audience with exceptional events and exciting content in the coming year.

“Having Kingston’s support during the last RWF in 2022 gave Method a great boost so I am very excited that we are able to extend and continue the partnership going forward. Joining forces with Kingston is a great step in the ‘Road to World First’ project and I am excited to continue that journey with such a great partner onboard.” - Scott McMillan, Founder & CEO of Method 

Supporting the Road to World First Project & the wider Method Team

Kingston's invaluable support will extend not only to our participation in the highly anticipated 2023 Race to World First events, but also to the wider Method Raid and Influencer Roster. This partnership will help us in our project to push for Method’s 13th World First title as Kingston is set to provide our raid roster and broadcasting staff with their state of the art RAM and SSDs. With Kingston by our side, we are more confident than ever in our ability to achieve our ambitious goals and deliver outstanding events.

A Whirling Surge of Content is coming your way!

As part of this exciting partnership, we are eager to reveal that we will be launching a unique, custom piece of content dedicated to Dragonflight and our community. This collaboration will bring together the best of both Method and Kingston, showcasing our combined expertise and passion for the MMO/RPG audience. Stay tuned for the upcoming release, it will leave your mind racing.

Thanks to Kingston

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Kingston for their legendary support and belief in our Road to World First project. As we set about this year with Kingston FURY by our side, we look forward to the highly anticipated events and the opportunities that lie ahead!

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