Method Expands into Old School RuneScape

Method Expands into Old School RuneScape

For much of Method’s fifteen year history, the organisation has focused almost exclusively on celebrating the World of Warcraft community through events, guides, and resources to support competitive success. We’ve done one-off events in various other MMORPG games -- but now, we’re entering a new chapter with the launch of our Old School RuneScape (“OSRS”) team. 

OSRS, a 19-year-old game, has been experiencing a massive resurgence over the past couple of years and the recent expansion launch was a global phenomena. Method is committed to being a steward of the OSRS community for many years to come, and we’re excited to share our initial roadmap for OSRS for the rest of 2020 and 2021. 

Introducing Our OSRS Stream Team

Method is proud to kick off our entry into Old School Runescape by signing eight of the top content creators, household names in the OSRS scene, who have maintained consistent viewership and engagement with their communities for years. 

Get to know our OSRS streamers and check out their introduction videos here: 

Supporting the Community Through Events

Just as we’ve done with World of Warcraft for years, and with other games like Final Fantasy XIV and Heroes of the Storm, Method will be hosting a series of events for the community to celebrate and rally around all of the exciting new feats in Old School RuneScape. 

Our goal is to create events that are for everyone in the OSRS community - whether you’re getting into the game for the first time, dusting off an old account, or looking to hone your skills as a high-level player.  

We’ll kick things off in December with a PVP tournament built around Trailblazer League, a new seasonal game mode that’s drawn many players back into the game. We’ll have more details to share on the Trailblazer tournament soon - but for now, we can confidently say that there has been no PVP tournament quite like this. 

After the Trailblazer event, Method plans to host a PVP tournament series throughout 2021, on a regional and global scale. Starting in January next year, Method will host a handful of 1v1 PVP regional qualifiers, which will feed into a grand finale featuring the best players around the world. 

Method’s committed to keeping a calendar full of OSRS events, including one event each month and a unique, stand-out event three to four times a year. This is only the start of our adventure with OSRS and its amazing community. Stay tuned for more information as it develops from Ben and the rest of the OSRS team here at Method.

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