Method Black Take 2nd in the 2019 AWC Summer Finals

Method Black Take 2nd in the 2019 AWC Summer Finals

The 2019 Arena World Championship Summer finals wrapped up yesterday with both Method teams finishing in the top 6. Method Black took home $20,000 in prize money and the silver medal, granting them an automatic qualification to BlizzCon, despite the fact that they were already in based on their huge point lead in the EU standings. Method Orange unfortunately didn't manage to grab a spot in the BlizzCon finals, as Cloud9 won both Spring and Summer finals, which made the rankings for BlizzCon a little complicated.

Cloud9 vs Method Black on Stage

It was a tough bracket for Method Orange, having been knocked down to the lower section in the first round by some friendly fire from Method Black, but they pushed on regardless and took down Team Prismatic, only to fall to Diabolus in the next round. Meanwhile Method Black plowed through the upper bracket, making it to the grand finals with nothing but 3-0 or 3-1 wins, including a 3-0 against Cloud9 which pushed them down to the lower section. But Cloud9 fought back, made it to the grand finals, and took down Method Black 4-2 in an impressive show of resilience and skill. It's going to be quite the fight at BlizzCon, especially if Cloud9 and Method Black meet in the arena once again!

Here's Method Black's grand finals series against Cloud9, showcasing some top level gameplay (or you can skip to 6h04Min for the very last match):

And so the NA and EU teams qualifying to the AWC 2019 BlizzCon Grand Finals are:

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