Method Black Are the EU Summer Cup #1 Champions!

Method Black Are the EU Summer Cup #1 Champions!

Not even 10 days after they were reformed, Method Black are back in... the top and showing everyone in the EU scene how it's done. The first EU Summer Cup was held this weekend and Chas, Swapxy, Raiku and Whazz took the stage on Saturday, taking on all comers and coming out on Sunday as the winners. After an amazing 5-0 record in matches, 16-2 in games and a 4-0 clean sweep in the grand finals vs. Reformed, the cup was pretty clearly one-sided and the team shone through and then some.

Taking home the $5,000 as well as 180 championship points, the team is very well set up to move to the next stage of the competition, but there are still more cups to come before that. Here are a few comments from the players themselves, after their huge victory:

Feels rly good to win another tournament making our chances to get to the next lan event very high but obviously feels even better because our chance to get to Blizzcon is just increasing! HYPPPPPPPEEEEEE! - Chas

What an insane tourny, we went 16-2... Almost clean sweep with 0 loses both loses could have been prevented aswell. Proud to represent @Methodgg - Whazz

Very glad that we won the first tournament under our new team @Methodgg . Thanks to my awesome team @MethodChas @Method_Raiku @Method_Whaazz - Swapxy

GOOD GAMES BOYS! Glad we won the last 3 cups in a row. We got 620 points right now should easily be able to make it to blizzcon and alredy in an extremely good posistion for the summer LAN @Methodgg and thanks to my insane team @Method_Whaazz @_Swapxy @MethodChas - Raiku

And finally, here's the VoD from the grand finals, and you can check out the entire event here.

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