Method and ZAM: A Match Made in WoW Heaven

Method and ZAM: A Match Made in WoW Heaven

Method's cooperation with the ZAM Network's flagship website Wowhead has been a long and productive one, with many different projects over the years, from interviews to guides and video content. Today we're proud to announce a partnership ZAM, the parent company of Wowhead, bringing our two organizations even closer together.

This new partnership will bring even more content and support on both sides, with our joint projects continuing and growing in number and quality, from videos to interviews and more. As Battle for Azeroth has arrived and holds a whole lot of new content, our players will be providing their expertise and knowledge to Wowhead and both our communities, starting with a new Discord channel where they'll be talking about all the news and patch notes, offering our top players' perspectives. We'll be also be continuing and expanding the Mythic+ Q&As with out MDI team, and creating a new series with our World First raiding team who will be heading into Uldir soon looking to conquer BFAs first raid. You can also expect a lot more top quality video content in association with Wowhead, like the Mythic+ tips and rankings series, and our most recent collaboration, the Top 5 BFA DPS.

But we won't be limiting our partnership to just WoW content, as our Heroes of the Storm and Fortnite teams will also be ready to enhance ZAM's HOTS Logs and Storm Shield One sites, with content like the recent HotS interview with Cursen on the latest hero, Inquisitor Whitemane and more.

After working closely with Wowhead the last two years, it is crystal clear that both of our organizations are fully committed to supporting the passion of the World of Warcraft community. There almost seems to be no better pairing than these two WoW powerhouses and it's incredibly exciting to make our partnership official. We are all looking forward to expanding our support into Hots Logs and Storm Shield One. Get ready for a LOT of excellent content!"

- Shanna "Darrie" Sarr, Communications Director

And so we're very proud of this next step in our cooperation with ZAM and look forward to strengthening and enhancing our partnership, with a lot of high quality content coming as a result.

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