Meet Stove - Method Player Highlight

Meet Stove - Method Player Highlight

With his recent success in the Mythic Dungeon International we’d like to bring you closer to Stove, one of Method’s newest raiders and Mythic+ prodigy.

Who is Stove?

Stove carries a short but impressive story within World of Warcraft. After being introduced to retail World of Warcraft in Castle Nathria, Stove picked up Balance Druid and began his journey.

Starting in Shadowlands Season 1, Stove grew very fond of Mythic+. He rapidly improved his skills and finished the season at top 100 on the Mythic+ leaderboard. The positive trajectory continued. After making strides in the scene, Stove ended up competing in the Mythic Dungeon lnternational. Shortly after, he was recruited by Pieces right before their unfortunate disband, leaving him guildless.

With the coming of Shadowlands Season 4, Stove sought to continue his journey in the World of Warcraft raiding scene and joined Method after the Race to World First: Sepulcher of the First Ones.

Stove in Method

New expansion releases often give players the opportunity to prove themselves, something which Stove has capitalised on. The Race to World First: Vault of the Incarnates marked Stove's first progression tier in Method. Stove showcased his talents on the Balance Druid and after having claimed World Third Raszageth, he passed his trial with flying colours.

After the first raid tier of Dragonflight, Stove put his eyes back on the Mythic Dungeon International. In our interview, he said the following:

“Me and my team practiced between 8-10 hours a day before the MDI, sometimes even more during the days leading up to the event. It can definitely be tough because my teammates are from North America.”

Practice makes perfect. The hours Stove and his team put in most definitely paid off, as they qualified for the Global Finals! We are grateful to have a talented player like Stove on our roster and can’t wait to follow his journey in Method and the Mythic+ scene.

Where can you find Stove?

If you would like to get to know Stove better, make sure to follow his socials and tune in to say hello when he’s live on Twitch!

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