Meet Kali - Player Spotlight

Meet Kali - Player Spotlight

To celebrate the recent coming of the Dragonflight Alpha as well as the start of Shadowlands Season Four, Method would like to spotlight one of the recent additions to our raid roster and family, Kali

Kali played World of Warcraft at a casual level for many years until she started raiding during Antorus, the Burning Throne and achieved her first Cutting Edge. She highlights that the hype she experienced during her first Cutting Edge kill drove her to become more competitive and has since fueled her raiding as well as streaming career. 

Kali joined Method as a healer shortly after the Race to World First: Sepulcher of the First Ones. Although she is familiar with multiclassing, the Shaman class has a special hold on her heart and she admits to being extremely excited about the Shaman talent tree in Dragonflight.

What's to come in Dragonflight?

When asked about her hopes for the new World of Warcraft expansion, Kali highlights that the Dragonriding feature caught her attention and that she “spent over six hours learning to fly” with her stream once Alpha launched. On the raiding side of things, Kali is very competitive and always strives to be the best, not only at her specialisation but also as a raid team and is therefore very excited for her first Race to World First under the Method banner where she hopes to “kill bosses and snag the highest rankings”. 

After being woken up by her cat and dog, Kali usually spends the day streaming on Twitch where she raids for Method, explores the Dragonflight Alpha and plays other variety games with her community. Be sure to follow Kali’s socials and stream to accompany her during the upcoming endeavours in Shadowlands Season Four and Dragonflight!

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