Meet Dan - Player Spotlight

Meet Dan - Player Spotlight

As Shadowlands Season Four is now well underway we at Method wanted to put another one of our raiders under the spotlight. This time we’d like for you to learn more about a familiar name within Method, Dan! 

Dan is a veteran World of Warcraft player having played since the end of Vanilla, or as he phrased it himself “for more than half of my lifetime” and does not intend to stop his journey any time soon! He became part of Method as the rebuild took place, prior to Castle Nathria, and is known to be the go-to Warrior player of the raid roster. For many years, Dan would switch between playing a Death Knight and a Warrior but as Siege of Orgrimmar progression began he settled for Warrior, expressing that “Fury Warrior was so fun that it nailed me into the class”.

What does the future hold?

As Dragonflight is expected to launch by the end of the year we asked Dan what his hopes are for the coming expansion, to which he answered “I want to look at the next expansion with a sense of optimism, seeing how the last raid tier went” as he proceeds to explain how Methods Rygelon kill was one of his most memorable moments in World of Warcraft, expressing "how good it felt when everything just clicked and we had a complete momentum change, which obviously served us well for the Jailer!”

Aside from the Race to World First, Dan states that he would love to branch out to other competitive aspects that World of Warcraft esports has to offer, specifically the Mythic Dungeon Invitational and The Great Push, hoping that they are better scheduled around the next Race to World First.

On a regular day you might find Dan watching Formula One or perhaps live on Twitch whilst pushing mythic keys, raiding with Method or preparing for Dragonflight. Be sure to follow Dan on his socials and tune in for some high quality gaming over at his stream! 

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