mbXtreme joins Method

mbXtreme joins Method

We are pleased to announce a new Path of Exile member to the Method stream team, mbXtreme!

Starting in 2009, mbXtreme is not a rookie to creating content. With over 11 years of content creation experience, he has achieved a silver YouTube play button and has been streaming full-time since 2018. Ever since making Path of Exile his main game, mbXtreme has become one of the biggest gamblers and build creators in the Path of Exile community!

When asked why he wanted to join Method, he said:

Method has been one of the best guilds/organizations in the gaming scene. I really enjoy the community projects and events that Method creates. I don’t want to put myself here as a Method Fanboy, but many years ago my brother and I always watched Method compete. Now, I am part of it.

Since mbXtreme has been creating content for a long time, he has built a very passionate and chill community that loves to theory craft. You can check out mbXtreme and join his community at twitch.tv/mbxtreme and give him a follow at @mbXtreme!

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