Mancy's Method: Back to Manaflask!

Mancy's Method: Back to Manaflask!

Article originally posted on Manaflask

The prodigal troll returns. Mancy's back to bring us all the fun from his new guild, Method in his usual style. This is just the first of guild specific content as we'll be adding similar articles from various other guilds soon so Mancy doesn't get lonely. So, welcome back!

Hello there! Your beloved Mancy's Ensidia is now back in action. As you might know, I no longer play in Ensidia (or Envy) but instead joined Method, so the whole series will be renamed to Mancy's Method. The content? Well, the same! Trolling, bashing, raid reviews and general gossiping about the guild. Kuznam is the Mage officer in Method, and he is my one and true love - something that you can see by reading the previous two entries posted on Method's site. How often can you expect Mancy's Method? Well, entries will be rotated between Method and Manaflask's sites, meaning that since this week's entry is posted here, the next entry (whenever it happens, since I'm not raiding every week but have to rotate with other mages) will be posted over there, the one after here etc., but don't worry, they'll let you know on both sites when an article is up. Alright, let's get it started.

The raid took place on Wednesday, DS 25 HC. Luckily (for you) I was playing Arcane, so no whining about RNG. Almost. So we reach Morchok, who as everyone knows is a very easy boss that we always one-shot and never wipe on, and our kills are never close to a wipe.

Another noteworthy thing in the screenshot is this guy Kuznam who is just so annoying. Like, I never spam or whisper anyone during raids, but this guy, he just doesn't stop capsing and spamming me nonsense. Oh well, what can you do. Next up is Warlord Zon'ozz, another easy boss we never wipe on (watch our stream). For the first time in the history of raiding, we wiped on Warlord Zon'ozz due to lack of healing/eyes not dying fast. I felt paddy that day, so I made a deal with Kuznam where I wouldn't touch eyes for an attempt in order to get a World of Logs ranking. Since we wiped I said to myself I'd go back to focusing them down, but some Danish people by the name of Henterson (or something like that) decided it was all my fault and started flaming me. Thankfully stream viewers set things right and spoke the truth.

The remaining bosses didn't pose much of a threat and went down really easily (up to Madness). However, I have some whining to do. I had Rank 1 on Hagara, but we wiped on 10% because we failed on connecting the 3rd with the 4th crystal (the last one). How sad is that? Yeah, very sad.

Anyway, as I was saying, we reached madness but encountered one very big problem that we didn't know how to deal with:

Despite this huge and terrifying problem we were able to kill the boss and loot it up. Speaking of loot, some people really don't deserve loot, I wonder why officers give them items. I mean, who doesn't gem their newly acquired epics?

Okay okay, maybe I was exaggerating a little bit. What I'm not exaggerating about, however, is that Kuznam is an asshole. He kicked me from the guild, yet again!

And for that reason I shall expose all his dirty secrets to the general public. I lured him into admitting he stole gems from the guild bank and sold them to casuals by lying about not wanting to place my own epic gem in the guild bank (a guild rule we have, epic gems obtained should get deposited in the guild bank).

And that pretty much sums it all up. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next installment.

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