Mancy's Ensidia: Epic Fails in Firelands

Mancy's Ensidia: Epic Fails in Firelands

Article originally posted on Manaflask

Welcome to this week's Mancy's Ensidia! This time around we have the most epic fails of Firelands, some more people swimming in the fishpool and WoLheroes! Also featuring new emoqueen Attero.

Starting with the Main raid, we gathered and started pulling on time. Rivah still needed Cinders from 2 or 3 bosses and after that I could start looting. Shannox died fast, nothing notable about the kill. Next up was Beth'tilac.. I thought I should go for DPS record on that boss, but it didn't end up that good and I managed to almost die instead (survived with 2k like a pro). But the boss died regardless!

Rivah being as unlucky as he is managed to have 997 cinders, so he needed a 3rd boss... So we headed to Rhyolith and destroyed him. After that it was time for the best boss ever, Alysrazor. Fails include but are not limited to: Rivah dying from Lava Spew (worm) and then dying from Tornado in the same try; Hearnt dying from Lava Spew; Attero standing in front of the boss after Burnout phase and getting cleave; Attero dying from Fiery Vortex (being too close to the middle during Tornadoes). A special clap to Deify, who managed to get demoted to Fish along with Attero for ressing us in the air after a wipe. It was priceless though, should have been a promotion instead. :(

After Alysrazor we one-shot Baleroc and then it was time for Majordomo. The decision was taken to finally attempt this long-discussed tactic of taking 0 cleaves in Scorpion phase and thus increasing raid DPS. We wiped a few times but we made it regardless, and the boss did indeed die a lot faster than previous times. I also managed to get the Mage DPS record for that boss, which is sadly overshadowed by a Wraith mage now. :( Maybe next week! However, with this tactic we encountered a few threat issues which in turn caused drama. This is how you deal with threat : you unequip your weapon.

With Majordomo dead we move on to Ragnaros. It's getting late, so we decide to call it after a few wipes.  Next day we're there and ready to push it. We do end up wiping a bit more than expected, due to bugs, personal mistakes and overall wierd stuff, but we had a few close calls. Like one attempt where it was the 3 extinguishers getting the boss from 3% to 0.5%. However, the boss finally died and I looted my trinket, so all good! Now I won't have to whine about Theralion's Mirror proc all the time and can whine about crit % instead. On a side note, I'd like to congratulate Rivah for completely destroying Attero on the damage meters. I'm sure having DI certainly makes up for some of the DPS difference, but Attero took it like any calm and serious competitive raider would.

Finishing with the main raid, I wanna mention some of the records achieved:

Stekharn #1 Combat rogue on Shannox
Ecology #1 Enhanhecement shaman on Shannox
Pacteh #1 Moonkin on Baleroc
Duus #1 Demo Warlock on Baleroc
Pacteh #1 Resto druid on Majordomo
Duus #1 Demonology warlock on Majordomo
Deify #1 Marksmanship Hunter on Shannox (HAHAHAHAHA JOKE HE GOT CRYSTAL TRAPPED AND FAILED and ended up last)

Some of the above might be outdated at the time you are reading this!

Time for alt-raid... or well, not really! I missed both alt raids as I was at the beach having fun instead of playing a computer game. From what I heard both alt raids went good, and the first alt raid is showing great progress on Heroic modes! I'm sure it'll manage to get a few more kills next week.

Now.. as promised, the most EPIC fails of Firelands. Most of them were on Ragnaros, besides 2 very sick ones on Baleroc.


Team-D being the best. Danto, a legendary hunter once a member of our roster managed to Disengage with Torment on top of the healer camp giving Torment to all of them. Daniie, member of Team-D, managed to turn blind mid-attempt and run on top of the tanks and then the melee camp with Torment, spreading it to everyone. I was hardly able to hold my laughter.


We have all kind of fails. Like, all kinds of them. I'll start by listing my own.

Mancy: I was assigned to the duty of taking Magma Traps.. due to the debuff they give to the raid, you need to trigger them 40 seconds apart from each other, or else you wipe. And... let's just say I had a few unlucky moments with those. Such as hitting `(blink hotkey) instead of 1(arcane barrage hotkey) and blinking into a trap when we already had the debuff or me blinking into a second trap after taking one with the legendary quote : "Taking the trap.....s"

Then we have Team DK. Let me tell you about them. They like dying. A lot. They enjoy pulling bosses and dying before the fight begins. Especially those 2 guys called Borlax and Daniie. I believe Borlax pulled Ragnaros and died more than 10 times, and Daniie did it a few times as well and he used the following excuse: "I didn't attack, I just applied dots". Yeah, it's fine to laugh.

Following is Team Hunter. Deifyx and Calebv. Calebv did one of the most amazing things I've seen in a while, namely disengaging off the platform and into the Lava midfight. I mean... really? Really? And in regards to Deify, I believe the following pic explains everything. Yeah he loves Waves, Lava Waves.

Then there's Zumadin. So basically, the tank dies and we notice he didn't heal the tank at all. When asked why he did not heal the tank, his answer was: "I don't know".

Next up is our favorite paladin, Xiety. In the start of progress, Xiety was asked to take a Magma Trap with bubble and do a countdown before taking it. Obviously, this wasn't a simple enough task. So the conversation on vent went kinda like this :

Mek : Xiety do a countdown, bubble and take a trap
Xiety : I don't have an addon
Mek : What addon?
Xiety : Countdown addon
Mek : You don't need an addon, just count
Xiety : How do I count?

Yes he actually said that.

Last but not least, we have Wolhero Pacteh also known as the Enrager of Ekyu. What happened is this: we wiped in Intermission Phase because a Son of Flame reached Ragnaros. Pacteh was assigned to DPS that son, and we noticed he only had DOT damage done to it. Here's what followed:

And this concludes this week's Mancy's Ensidia. Stay tuned next week to hear all about our Gamescom trip, our live raid and roster changes (hopefully) among other things!

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