Legendary! Method Returns to CS:GO

Legendary! Method Returns to CS:GO

We are very proud to announce Method's return to FPS games and to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive specifically! Puls3, nEiLZiNHo, weber, stan1ey, jenko, coach Keita and team manager Onscreen will be joining the Method family and rounding out our Gfinity Elite roster. This exceedingly talented team has had a lot of success in the UK CS:GO scene with many accolades to their name, including two Insomnia wins as well as first place finishes in the ESL UK Premiership Spring 2017 Finals, UK CS:GO Masters S2, the ESEA UK CS:GO Open S24, and now they're looking to take on the international scene as well.

The UK has had a dominant team that could compete at the highest level throughout CS history, but this has long been forgotten. I'm excited to be working with Method to provide this line-up with everything they need to put the UK back on the map.

- Team manager, Craig "Onscreen" Shannon

After over a year of absence from the scene, we are excited to announce today that Method CS:GO is back! We were impressed by this team from our very first conversation with in-game leader nEiLZiNHo. Their recent accomplishments convey a very clear message: they do not just try to perform well, they play to win titles. Our ambitions are high, we want to both set the bar in national competitions and bring the UK back onto the international stage. Regardless of whether we will succeed in doing so or not, I'm looking forward to an exciting year 2017. #methodway

- Method co-owner Sascha "Rak" Steffens

CS:GO itself has a venerable tradition, dating back to the very first Counter-Strike in 1999, which was just a mod for the original Half-Life. With the game/franchises various iterations, from 1.6 to Source and now Global Offensive, it's constantly been on the very top of competitive shooters and today CS:GO has a massive player base, with 30 million players, over 10 million of which play each month. But that's just the beginning, as the esports community around the game is one of the biggest in the world and is constantly growing. 2016 was a huge year, with CS:GO surpassing League of Legends in total prize money for the year, consisting of over $17 million, almost triple what it was the previous year and second only to DotA 2.

So without further ado, let's take a look at the team that will be flying Method's colors in this amazing community:

Tom "jenko" Jenkinson

Over 5 tournament wins, including Insomnia59, multiple UK Masters and ESL Premiership seasons.

I am looking forward to playing in the Elite Series and representing an organisation as prestigious as Method. This provides us with the perfect opportunity to showcase ourselves on a larger scale and to focus on CS:GO full time.

Neil "nEiLZiNHo" Finlay

Over 9 tournament wins including 6 Insomnias, UK Masters S2 and ESL UK Spring Finals 2017.

I am extremely motivated and excited to begin this journey with Method in the Gfinity Elite Series, as well as UK Masters, ESL UK and ESEA Main. I am certain that with the support and professionalism provided by the staff at Method we will be able to build upon our dominating year within the UK and make the push towards becoming more competitive in Europe.

Reece "Puls3" Marrs

Over 8 tournament wins, including Insomnia60, ESL UK Finals and UK Masters S2.

I've only heard great things about Method, they are definitely the ones to give us the drive we need to succeed as we make our push outside of the UK after quite a dominating year.

Tramaine "stan1eyy" Stanley

Over 5 tournaments wins, including Insomnia60, UK Masters S2 and multiple ESL UK Premiership seasons.

Glad to become part of such a well rounded organisation, this should give us the support and drive that we need to take us to the next step after having a solid performance last year.

Brandon "weber" Weber

Over 10 tournament wins, including 5 Insomnias, ESEA UK Open Season 24 and Gfinity UK Championship finals.

I'm eager to get started under the Method banner. I've known and followed Method for a while as an avid WoW player and I'm overjoyed they've decided to reach out into the UK CS:GO scene and support us for not only the Gfinity Elite Series, but also the upcoming ESEA Main season and UK Masters/ESL UK Premiership.

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