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It's Fight Night: Announcing Team FGC

Are you looking for a good fight? We've got one. Method is happy to introduce our newest roster consisting of: Devon “Mikeand1ke” Petties (Street Fighter V), Giuseppe “REO” Grosso (Mortal Kombat XL, Injustice 2, and Ryan “SylverRye” Amaechi (Mortal Kombat XL, Injustice 2). Also joining us is Nick “Spammy” Pelter as Team Manager of Method FGC.

 As a fan of competitive gaming it´s difficult not to love the fighting game circuit. Like other esports, FGCs have grown immensely over the last years, yet the scene remains open for everyone. No matter who you are, you can simply register and play at EVO or other big tournaments alongside thousands of other competitors. This is absolutely unique in esports today and something we are proud to support. - Method co-owner Sascha "Rak" Steffens


The team will make its first official appearance at Combo Breaker, May 26-28, at the Mega Center in St. Charles, IL, USA. Also, be sure to tune into live Twitch streams from REO and SylverRye on Tuesday, 16 May as they mark the launch of Injustice 2. 

Devon "Mikeand1ke" Petties
Street Fighter V

Silver at Battle of the Strip, Bronze at Red Bull Proving Grounds Finals, Winter Brawl 11.

I am honored to join a really big organization such as Method. It means a lot to be a part of them as a representative of Street Fighter and the FGC.

Giuseppe "REO" Grosso
Mortal Kombat XL, Injustice 2
Three time EVO World Champion Finals Top 8 medalist.

Incredibly excited to be taking on this new journey with Method!

Ryan "SylverRye" Amaechi
Mortal Kombat XL, Injustice 2
Twitch      Twitter
5th at NEC, 9th at KIT, 3rd at Winter Brawl 11.

I'm very excited about joining Method and I will do my best at anything they have me do.

Nick "Spammy" Pelter
Team Manager

Twitch      Twitter

I'm ecstatic to start this journey with Method. Together we will take esports to the next level!

To stay up-to-date with Method FGC, follow the players and Method on Twitter. Stay tuned for our next announcement very soon™. 

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