Introducing The #MethodPUBG Squad

Introducing The #MethodPUBG Squad

Just as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is breaking and re-breaking its own records on Steam, with over 10 million copies sold and the most concurrent players of all time for the platform - over 1.3 million, Method's PUBG team is also growing. With AndyPyro and RaptorDaRaptor scouring the playerbase looking for the top talent to join them it was only a matter of time before we got the perfect squad together - and now we have!

Looking for the last players to fill out the team was quite a task - not only was it important to find two players who are capable of winning tournaments, it was also important to find players who understand the importance of motivation and self-improvement. People who would stay loyal to the team, even when things go south. What really caught my attention with EnergeticTurtle and Aitzy was how calm and positive they were able to stay even when losing our first trial matches. It convinced me that these players had the right attitude and past performances, and then further trial matches also proved that they were capable of putting up a good fight against other top players. - Team Captain Jamon "RaptorDaRaptor" Moretz

With the addition of Ludvik "Aitzy" Jahnsen (First place at PUBGONLINE EU Showdown July Finals and Auzom Week 10, second place Auzom Week 9, #2 PUBGONLINE Season 2 squads, #6 in Season 1) and Mathias "EnergeticTurtle" Nielsen (First place at PUBGONLINE EU Showdown July Finals and Auzom Week 10, second place Auzom Week 9 and PUBGONLINE EU Showdown August Finals, ranked #9 in Season 1 squads leaderboard), this foursome will soon be dominating all the PUBG disciplines, whether it's in solos, duos or squads. So join us in welcoming the complete Method PUBG team:

  • Ludvik "Aitzy" Jahnsen - "I'm really happy about joining Method because here I feel that I can grow as a player and streamer."
  • Jamon "RaptorDaRaptor" Moretz - "I've been a solo performer for 3 years and can’t wait to work with Method. As a gamer I hope Battlegrounds will grow into valid esport game so I can represent such a nice organisation."
  • Mathias "EnergeticTurtle" Nielsen - "Raptor is a great tactician and dedicated ingame leader. I'm very excited to be a part of this Method roster."
  • Anssi "AndyPyro" Huovinen - "I wanted Raptor on the team because of his natural IGL personality. He's a smart tactician who gives me the opportunity to focus on my strengths in the game."

Even with the full team roster announced, there will still be plenty of announcements coming, so keep checking the Method twitter for all the latest info!

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