Introducing Morana, Afiya, and Method Raid Tools

Introducing Morana, Afiya, and Method Raid Tools

For many tiers past, Exorsus was one of WoW’s most epic hardcore raiding guilds, a true competitor whose storied history should be celebrated and commemorated. 

That’s why we are thrilled to share today that both Morana and Afiya, formerly of Exorsus, have joined Method’s guild in strategy and support roles, and the greatness that was Exorsus Raid Tools will now live on as Method Raid Tools.

When asked why they’ve joined Method, Morana said:

“Like so many highly skilled PvE players, I’ve only one real goal - to get that World First title. Method is the first real World of Warcraft esports organisation and they have risen from the ashes twice, just as strong as before. I am proud to be part of Method’s push to World First and look forward to supporting the guild as both a Strategy Officer and likely this tier as a Rogue main.”

Afiya who will also support the guild and continue focusing on addon development, shared:

“Each RWF brings unique experiences and emotions which is why I’m so glad to be part of this tier’s RWF as a member of Method. Joining the guild is very motivational when it comes to continued support for the addon. I’m so happy that Exorsus Raid Tools will live on as Method Raid Tools because it’s a very powerful and useful tool for raiding at any level.”

The player migration from Exorsus Raid Tools to Method Raid Tools will be as smooth as possible with all the functionality remaining the same as before and all player data/options saved. Additionally, players can expect to see some new features in the future as well as updates for 9.1 and TBC. Method is thrilled to continue supporting addon devs and ensuring WoW players everywhere have continued access to their favorite in-game tools. Stay tuned for future updates to Method Raid Tools and welcome Morana and Afiya to Method!

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