How ADAMAS helped Method in the RWF

How ADAMAS helped Method in the RWF

Before the Race to World First, we wanted to take the time to reflect and approach the preparation the Method raid team takes not just in-game, but also out of game. Partnering with ADAMAS we were able to provide several sessions to increase both wellbeing and performance of the core raid team and officers. 

ADAMAS provides esports athletes with the knowledge, tools, inspiration and guidance to rise in the rank of the truly elite. Athletes working with ADAMAS experience the best in remote-based performance training and monitoring from the comfort of their own homes or training facilities.

Spearheaded by our General Manager Joel, the inclusion of ADAMAS into how we prepared, making sure our team had all the knowledge and tools they needed to perform to the best of their ability. After the sessions with ADAMAS we received multiple messages from the team with feedback explaining how much of a benefit it was to them ranging from how they manage their days, to making sure what they consume during long high intense periods is what their bodies need to be and perform the best they can. 

Here’s what some of our Raiders had to say:

Cayna: "Adamas really helped me understand my brain and body more than I used to do. From understanding tilt, how it affects me and my teammates, and how to snap out of it quickly to keep the positive mindset going. Also eating plans, how caffeine affects you and how to deal with being tired. I’ve never felt better during a Race to World First, thanks to ADAMAS’ training. "

Bangerz: "ADAMAS were super supportive to the whole raid team and really educational about lots of important topics in Esports. The thing I enjoyed the most was talking about nutrition as I love going to the gym and looking after myself, so the experience overall was awesome and a valued addition to how we prepare for the RWF."

Danwarr: "Working with Adamas has been a great experience, not only just from an in-game perspective. Many of the sessions have had aspects I've been able to apply to everyday life, making me feel better overall & improving my performance in raid during high stress periods."

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