Hotted returns to World of Warcraft

Hotted returns to World of Warcraft

Our hero and newest content creator, Alan “Hotted” Widmann, is back just in time for Shadowlands!

Hotted started streaming WoW almost seven years ago, and since then, has grown his channel to nearly 300K followers. Not only that, he’s been a good friend and globe-trotting companion of Sco for almost as long, so we couldn’t be prouder to have him under the Method banner. 

Today marks not only a return to Method for Hotted, but a return to Azeroth. While lately he’s been seen racing around Los Santos rather than chilling in Moonglade, his excitement for Shadowlands is about to be unleashed. With the release of the WoW expansion, he plans to climb back in the saddle with his Druid and ascend to the top of the PVP ladder once again.

Here’s what Hotted had to say about his streaming career and joining Method:

It all started in South America where I was struggling to upload YouTube videos due to the slow internet speed. I still remember the day that the WoW:Cataclysm expansion came out and the stream had about 9,500 viewers. Was probably one of the happiest moments of my streaming career because it showed me that I could entertain people for a living. I've been doing it consistently ever since! 

At Method, I hope to add positivity, awesome gameplay and show a variety of games! I'm planning on returning to World of Warcraft and create a lot of content where people can not only have a good time by watching but also are able to learn from it, which is one of the things I like to do the most.

Say hello to Hotted @hotted89 on Twitter and catch him on stream at!

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