Highmaul Mythic Progress Coverage

Highmaul Mythic Progress Coverage

Article originally posted on Manaflask

UPDATE - Dec 23 21:20 CET by Starym
Duality round up the US/OC guilds Top 5! Overall 23rd.

UPDATE - Dec 22 23:59 CET by Starym
And the framed Top 20:

UPDATE - Dec 22 23:31 CET by Starym
Two more finishers in 21st and 22nd places, 龙之心 (Heart of the Dragon) grab the Asian 5th and ScrubBusters the EU 13th.

UPDATE - Dec 22 07:16 CET by Starym
And here comes the US/OC 4th on Mar'gok! Midwinter also claim the final spot in the Top 20! We're still going to track progress for a while but on a somewhat less frequent basis.

UPDATE - Dec 21 23:10 CET by Starym
One spot left in the Top 20 as Moonzlinge and Brotherhood of the Wolves grab the 18th and 19th spots, as well as the EU 11th adn 12th.

UPDATE - Dec 21 22:10 CET by Starym
From Scratch claim the No.17 spot and EU 10th on Imperator, moving us ever closer to that Top 20.

UPDATE - Dec 21 20:59 CET by Starym
And yet more kills on Imperator! We have an Asian 4th on 7/7 with 七 煌 (KeaHoarl) finishing the race in 16 place overall.

UPDATE - Dec 21 19:20 CET by Starym
Two more guilds are done with the Ogres, Avast claim the US/OC third and Danish Terrace the EU 9th, as well as the overall 14th and 15th, respectively.

UPDATE - Dec 21 03:51 CET by Starym
Another EU guild crosses the finish line, with Refuge claiming the World 13th spot as well as the EU 8th on Mar'gok.

UPDATE - Dec 20 20:45 CET by Starym
Here's the top 10, all nice and fancy:

UPDATE - Dec 20 20:18 CET by Starym
Continuing the trend, another guild has downed Mar'gok. Rapid Eye Movement claim the overall 12th spot and EU 7th.

UPDATE - Dec 20 19:59 CET by Starym
It's Mar'gok down day, as another guild has arrived at the finish line and claimed the 7/7. 天啟 (Apocalypse) secured the 11th spot in the world rankings as well as the Asian third on Mar'gok!

UPDATE - Dec 20 18:20 CET by Starym
The Top 10 is here! We close it out in style with the Asian 2nd kill on Mar'gok by 清水星辰 (Shimizu Stars). Big congrats to them! It seems they went the Paragon way and got Imperator before Butcher, but luckily again they got Butcher before any other Asian guild finished up Mar'gok.

UPDATE - Dec 20 05:56 CET by Starym
And the top 10 is even nearer! Blood Legion are back and completely over their earlier problems, just in time to remain in the top 10 best guilds in the world. US/OC 2nd World 9th on Imperator Mar'gok.

UPDATE - Dec 20 03:44 CET by Starym
The top 10 is near! The No.8 spot goes to Practice who have finished the race and downed Mar'gok EU 6th. Congratulations!

UPDATE - Dec 19 01:10 CET by Starym
It seems we have another Imperator kill! Ascendance get the World 7th, EU 5th kill on the final boss and jump to a fully cleared 7/7!

UPDATE - Dec 18 20:00 CET by Starym
Well, that'll teach me to take one day to actually make up the sleep I skipped during progress... Huge apologies to everyone for missing the two kills for such a long time, it definitely won't happen again. In any case it seems Ascension did finally and definitively prove that their earlier World Firsts were no fluke and that they are indeed in the very top of Mythic guilds, so huge/gargantuan and colossal congratulations to them for securing the World 5th and US/OC first - it seems it really was the terrible lag OC players had that was holding them all back! Envy finished strong as well in 6th spot, also securing their permanent spot in the top guild gang.

UPDATE - Dec 18 17:13 CET by aenima
Sorry for the late update here. Ascension (US/OC first / World 5th kill) and Envy (EU 4th / World 6th kill) both managed to kill Mar'gok, making it now 6 guilds with 7/7 bosses and progress clear.

UPDATE - Dec 18 13:05 CET by Dodar
Still no 5th kill on Mar'gok, but Paragon and Style War decided to release their killvideos. Lets see how this affects the fight for Spot No. 5!

 UPDATE - Dec 17 00:43 CET by Starym
It's high time for a 6/7 Butcher update and we have several new guilds that passed that threshold, namely 一波流 (Wave Flow) grabbing the Asian 5th, One Leap to Heaven representing France, Advance and set sail for fail on the German side, as well as our new name friends FatSharkYes. Also coming up the rear are TG Gaming, Herp Derp, Accidentally, Prestige Gaming, Memento, NollTvåTre and 즐거운공격대 (Enjoy Raid) in 39th place.

UPDATE - Dec 16 21:16 CET by Starym
A very surprising amount of time has passed without another Mar'gok kill - still only four guilds that have managed to down the final boss. Unfortunately this time has allowed this iteration of the "tier drama" to materialize, and it's the old item level story. Check the comments for the ongoing debate.

UPDATE - Dec 16 18:13 CET by aenima
As you might have figured, there is nothing really going on for the last almost 24 hours. So let's just take a look at the current picture: Paragon, Method, Style War and Exorsus all have 7/7 bosses and cleared the raid. Worldwide there are 24 guilds at the moment having 6/7, including 15 guilds from the EU. For Asia we do have 4 contenders with 6/7 bosses, Style War of course already are done with Highmaul Progress. 25 guilds worldwide are now 5/7, including 20 EU-guilds and 2 guilds from Asia.  46 guilds have arrived at 4/7, 31 from EU and 7 from Asia. 80 guilds with 3/7 (38 EU, 18 Asia). So much for the statistics.

UPDATE - Dec 15 22:24 CET by Starym
Several more guilds on 6/7, but 七 煌 (KeaHoarl) have the honor of the Asian 4th on Butcher (World 26th). Others that recently downed him include: Nightmare Asylum, Brotherhood of the Wolves, Fusion and Be Negative.

UPDATE - Dec 15 21:03 CET by Starym
And we have our interview with Paragon up, so if you're interested (and if you're reading this, you are) check it out!

UPDATE - Dec 15 18:50 CET by Starym
So, four guilds are finished with Highmaul and still 6 slots left in the coveted Top 10. There's also still the matter of the Mar'gok video - that's going to be a real treat with the insanity of the final phases, and we will have an interview with Paragon up soon, so stick around as this race coverage is far from over!

UPDATE - Dec 15 15:40 CET by aenima
Style War and Exorsus killed Mar'gok almost at the same time! Style War was around 6 minutes faster securing the Asian FK / World 3rd Kill, Exorsus ends up World 4th / EU 3rd Kill. Tables will be updated! Four guilds now with 7/7 bosses.

UPDATE - Dec 15 12:06 CET by aenima
Still nothing too exciting to report, we are still waiting on the next guild who will make it to 7/7.

UPDATE - Dec 15 04:20 CET by Starym
Not much happening recently aside from two more guilds hopping up to 6/7 (Danish terrace and Moonzlinge) - it's really starting to feel like Cataclysm all over again, with Paragon and Method far ahead of the pack, politely waiting for more kills so they can release their videos. Last time we had this type of situation it was Envy who grabbed the third spot and they just might repeat history, although the competition is far bigger this time around. The biggest favorite so far would probably be Style War, as they were in the final phase even before Paragon's kill. Exorsus and Ascension are also up there, having had a lot more time on the boss than the rest of the pack (especially Ascension, if they had some tries on Mar'gok before they downed Butcher). While the top 2 were very predictable (although the order might have surprised some), the battle for the bronze is really anyone's guess at this point - which guild will stay up all night (or nights?) and who will have the edge to complete the top 3. I hope we get an answer soon, as i think we might get a video after the 3rd kill which would be amazing for us watching the race!

UPDATE - Dec 15 00:20 CET by Starym
We have a top 20 on Butcher and 6/7! Refuge grab the last spot on the elite guilds list, for now at least!

UPDATE - Dec 14 23:22 CET by Starym
And here's the big news we've been waiting for! Method claim the World 2nd on the final boss and go up to 7/7, with Highmaul finished and Imperator Mar'gok downed!
And the killshot:

Imperator Mar'gok World second by Method

UPDATE - Dec 14 21:21 CET by Starym
Only one more to go for that top 20 6/7! ScrubBusters grab the penultimate spot on the Butcher.

UPDATE - Dec 14 20:40 CET by Starym
We're nearing a top 20 on Butcher, with Impact passing that 6/7 marker and sliding into 18th spot.

UPDATE - Dec 14 19:29 CET by Starym
And we finally have the real Nerdscreams video from Paragon's World First Imperator Mar'gok kill:

UPDATE - Dec 14 19:13 CET by Starym
Another Butcher down, this time it's Prime that go to 6/7 occupying the No.17 overall spot. Seems as if Nnogga and Jendle upped their sexyness, which might lead to Prime disbanding anytime now

UPDATE - Dec 14 18:47 CET by Starym
This is quite surprising. When I woke up today I was sure there would be several Mar'gok kills done. It seems Paragon was truly quite a bit ahead of the other guilds and perhaps even figured out a unique strategy for the boss. Could it be more than a full day before we see the next Imperator kill? Or even a full reset?

UPDATE - Dec 14 16:47 CET by Dodar
Sorry for the late update, forgot to actually post the news. Anyway, 天啟 (Apocalypse) managed to kill Butcher, world 16th/Asia 3rd!

UPDATE - Dec 14 12:44 CET by Dodar
From Scratch finally downed Butcher, after tons of wipes, especially around 0,1-1%. Gratulations guys and welcome to the 6/7 group!

UPDATE - Dec 14 02:33 CET by Starym
Another Butcher killer with Avast hopping up to - US/OC 4th! We now have 13 guilds on 6/7.

UPDATE - Dec 14 02:18 CET by Starym
Practice are the 12th guild on 6/7 and have downed the Butcher EU 8th.

UPDATE - Dec 14 01:39 CET by Starym
A little quiet recently and one thing you can be sure of is that Method and possible other guilds as well will not be sleeping tonight, as the No.2 spot is wide open.

UPDATE - Dec 14 00:53 CET by Starym
Some more action from the back (no not that way you pervs) with Nightmare Asylum snagging the US/OC 6th on Ko'ragh while FatSharkYes and Brotherhood of the Wolves also downed him EU 20th and 21st.

UPDATE - Dec 14 00:06 CET by Starym
We'll be doing our traditional interview with Paragon soon (a day or two soon, not a few hours soon), so if you you have any questions for them post them in comments and we'll add them in (if they're interesting enough).

UPDATE - Dec 13 23:12 CET by Starym
Remember, the race is far from over, with 11 guilds now competing for the World second on Imperator and Method might be at risk of losing even the silver, especially from Style War, who we know managed to get to the final final phase of the fight (when technically Mar'gok IS dead).

UPDATE - Dec 13 22:54 CET by Starym
And it's finally over! Paragon wipe any doubt of their triumph in Highmaul by killing the Butcher before anyone else got Mar'gok and are the first and so far only guild on 7/7! World 12th and EU 7th. In the random facts section, they had around 116 wipes on Imperator Mar'gok and 121 on Butcher.

UPDATE - Dec 13 22:37 CET by Starym
While all this exciting stuff with Wowprog and various Butcher kills was going on, Impulse and Project Apocalypse Moved up to 5/7, with the former getting Tectus down and the latter Ko'raghclaiming the EU 19th spot.

UPDATE - Dec 13 22:27 CET by Starym
Wowprogress' new Chinese rankings are showing another guild downed the Butcher and it's 龙之心 (Heart of the Dragon), for the Asia 2nd, World 11th.

UPDATE - Dec 13 22:06 CET by Starym
Wowprogress has started tracking Chinese guilds as well it seems, and while the feature is very new and still a little weird, it's a great thing that we might have all the competing guilds in one place and on one ranking table!

UPDATE - Dec 13 20:25 CET by Starym
It's been a while now with Paragon on Butcher and the tweets have already started flying with people's opinions on what is going to be considered the real end of Highmaul if we get a "split" result. Whatever the answer to that particular question may be, the race is really on now as Paragon seemingly have the easier job of downing a boss 10 other guilds already have, while those other guilds need to down the final boss that only Paragon has managed to get - but as with everything in life, it's not quite that simple. If it does end up being split, aka another guild gets to 7/7 first and Paragon has the WF on the final boss, regardless of the various screaming fans etc, the only real, absolute answer will be had quite a wile later, when we get to Blackrock Foundry. It may be a bad outcome for fans of clarity and no drama, but it will definitely ignite the race into a whole new level.

UPDATE - Dec 13 20:15 CET by Starym
We have another Butcher kill, but not by Paragon - Rapid Eye Movement got the EU 6th and World 10th.

UPDATE - Dec 13 18:36 CET by Starym
And if you were wondering about the DPS in the Paragon first kill here's another screenshot for ya:

Impreator Mar'gok WF killshot by Paragon (now with DPS meters)

And Shimizu Stars have a stream up at the moment where they're doing Imperator Mar'gok, so if you want a preview of kill videos check it out while it's up.

UPDATE - Dec 13 18:29 CET by Starym
The Asian Top 5 on Ko'ragh is now updated in the tables below and it's Styl War, 清水星辰 Shimizu Stars, 天啟 Apocalypse, 七 煌 KeaHoarl, 龙之心 Heart of the Dragon.

UPDATE - Dec 13 18:02 CET by Starym
Typical, I miss the WF by a few minutes... Anyway now it's time for all of us to take a deep breath and start hoping Paragon gets Butcher before anyone else on 6/7 gets Imperator - not because we want Paragon as No.1 or anything, but simply so we don't all have to endure endless discussions and fights about what the "real" end of Highmaul is.

UPDATE - Dec 13 17:12 CET by Dodar
IT IS DONE! Paragon just downed Imperator Mar'gok! World First for the Fins! Only the Butcher remaining for 7/7. Let's see if he is a challenge to them.
We´re even granted a Killshot:

Imperator Mar'gok World First by Paragon

UPDATE - Dec 13 17:12 CET by Dodar
There are a lot of speculations right now, regarding the Death of Mar'gok. Looks like after you get Mar'gok to 1HP, Cho'gall kills him and you have to deal with him. If you look at the mythic Mar'gok achievement ("Mythic: Imperator's Fall Complete the Imperator Mar'gok encounter in Highmaul on Mythic difficulty.") its pretty clear that the fight isnt over once he dies. The big question we cant answer however is: What happens after Cho'gall kills Mar'gok? The Asian guild Style Wars seems released a screenshot:

The final phase of Imperator Mar'gok

Cho'gall seems to not be moving, so maybe you just have to kill all adds and the fight is over.

UPDATE - Dec 13 16:30 CET by Dodar
The fall of the Butcher continues, Envy is able to defeat him and is now at 6/7. They´re completing the EU Top5 on that Boss.

UPDATE - Dec 13 14:47 CET by Dodar
Seems like the guilds are waking up! Фьюжн (Fusion) downed Ko'ragh and are now at 5/7.

UPDATE - Dec 13 14:41 CET by Dodar
My asia progress-tracking site still wont load, but AngrybirdsTW summed up what happenend on the asian server. According to him 一波流 (Wave Flow)清水星辰 (Shimizu Stars) and 天启(Apocalypse) are all 5/7 and going ham on the Imperator. #1 in Asia is still Style War with 6/7. 
In Addition to that we have a lot of rumors regarding 1-2% wipes of almost every top guild. Since nobody know what is true and what isnt, we´re just not gonna take them for real (also, I dont think Paragon would wipe 24h on 1-2%).

UPDATE - Dec 13 13:55 CET by Dodar
There is movement! Not much today, but BIZZNO managed to kill the Butcher for an EU 4th. We now have 8 guilds at 6/7.

UPDATE - Dec 13 13:22 CET by Dodar
According to the comments, KeaHoarl just downed Ko'ragh and is already on Imperator. Since the progress-site wont load for me, I have to thank jonezy chow for pointing that out.

UPDATE - Dec 13 11:12 CET by Dodar
Theres like literally nothing happening right now. Its like the guilds dont want me to announce their kills. But, no matter what, I´m sure we´re gonna see Imperator Mar'gok dead by the end of the day! 

UPDATE - Dec 12 06:45 CET by Starym
Midwinter down the Butcher US/OC 3rd, World 7th and are on 6/7!

UPDATE - Dec 12 05:15 CET by Starym
Duality grab the US/OC 5th on Ko'ragh and set themselves up in 22nd place overall on 5/7.

UPDATE - Dec 12 04:50 CET by Starym
Blood Legion are really back in the running for the top guild this time, with their US/OC 2nd, World 6th Butcher kill and are up there with the best of them on 6/7. Also, this kills sees the return of Riggnaros who was away for two days.

UPDATE - Dec 12 03:34 CET by Starym
It's numbers time! Five guilds are at the very top with 6/7: one from US/OC (in their case, OC), three from the EU and one from Asia. Paragon is technically on 5/7 but going very strong on Mar'gok and will make it quite messy if they down him and then not down Butcher as well before anyone else downs Mar'gok, but more on that if it happens. The 5/7 pack consists of  16 guilds: 3 US/OC, 11 EU and 2 Asia. The 4/7 pack is large and consists of 25 guilds: 2 US/OC, 20 EU, 3 Asia. 3/7s have 20 members: 4US/OC, 15 EU, 1 Asia.

UPDATE - Dec 12 02:05 CET by Starym
Ascendance break through the Butcher to 6/7, World 5th, EU third. Huge congratulations to them on a very impressive achievement. So now it's Ascension followed by Ascendance in 4th and 5th places, have fun remembering who's who!

UPDATE - Dec 12 01:05 CET by Starym
We have an Asian third on Ko'ragh as 天啟 (Apocalypse) get to 5/7.

UPDATE - Dec 11 23:52 CET by Starym
Refuge hop onto the 5/7 bandwagon and also down Ko'ragh. Twenty guilds now with only Butcher and Mar'gok to go.

UPDATE - Dec 11 22:22 CET by Starym
Ascendance down Ko'ragh and move to 5/7, overall 18th, with ScrubBusters very close behind on 19 with 5/7.

UPDATE - Dec 11 21:13 CET by Starym
Three more 4/7s, with Fusion, Danish terrace and Black Lotus downed Tectus recently and joined the top 30.

UPDATE - Dec 11 20:39 CET by Starym
It seems my curse works in Asia as well, as Shimizu Stars got to 5/7 by killing Ko'ragh Asian 2nd, World 17th.

UPDATE - Dec 11 19:50 CET by Starym
Not much going on on the Asian servers, with Style War still at 6/7 and running for that Imperator first along with Paragon, Method, Exorsus and Ascension. Only four guilds on 4/7:  七 煌 (KeaHoarl), 清水星辰 (Shimizu Stars), 龙之心 (Heart of the Dragon); only one guild on 3/7, 一波流 (Wave Flow); 17 guilds on 2/7; at least 78 on 1/7 (the site only tracks the first 100).

UPDATE - Dec 11 19:40 CET by Starym
Envy have downed Ko'ragh and move up to 5/7 and the overall 16 spot!

UPDATE - Dec 11 19:35 CET by Starym
Some more 4/7s, with 26 guilds past the half way mark, the latest being Century Tribe and Advance.

UPDATE - Dec 11 18:44 CET by Starym
More 5/7s with TG Gaming downing Ko'ragh and sliding into 15th place overall.

UPDATE - Dec 11 17:49 CET by Starym
It would appear there's a chance Paragon are actually progressing on Mar'gok and maaaybe they're also quite close to a kill, so we may have to get in to that whole "last boss" discussion, unless of course they finish off the Butcher after Mar'gok before the others kill Mar'gok. Related to that it would seem this screenshot is actually legit:

UPDATE - Dec 11 17:34 CET by Starym
And Style War also posted their Butcher World third video!


UPDATE - Dec 11 17:24 CET by Starym
Hey guys, Starym here, aenima just didn't know what the policy was regarding Asian guilds and he didn't want to say anything without being sure, so apologies for that. Of course course Asian guilds are in the same race now and Style War got the World third on the Butcher, ahead of Ascension. There was never any doubt about it, as I wrote earlier in comments. Huge congratulations to Style War and good luck on Imperator WF!

UPDATE - Dec 11 16:10 CET by aenima
Asian First Killshot for the Butcher by Style War.

The Butcher Asian First Kill by Style War

UPDATE - Dec 12 15:33 CET by aenima
Ascension stays the biggest surprise! They just killed the Butcher for an US First, World 4th Kill. They are now joining Method and Exorsus for the lead, the race gets even more interesting.

UPDATE - Dec 12 14:30 CET by aenima
What do you guys think? Will it be Method or Exorsus for the Margok WFK? Or will another guild be able to skip past the two leading guilds?

UPDATE - Dec 12 13:28 CET by aenima
Prime just killed Ko'ragh, too. They are also now 5/7, making it 11 guilds now in pursuit of Method and Exorsus.

UPDATE - Dec 12 11:46 CET by aenima
Asian guild Style War downed the Butcher and are now 6/7 also. Of course Asian First kill and 3rd guild worldwide, who was able to beat this encounter.

UPDATE - Dec 12 11:43 CET by aenima
BIZZNO just downed Ko'ragh and join the 5/7 pack. Asian guild Style War just killed the Butcher and are now 6/7.

UPDATE - Dec 12 11:26 CET by aenima
I am taking over now, nothing changed progresswise so far. Method and Exorsus leading with 6/7, a whole bunch of guilds in pursuit with 5/7.

UPDATE - Dec 11 06:52 CET by Starym
Another Tectus kill and Avast join the big group on 5/7, grabbing the US/OC 5th on the way. Duality got the US/OC 4th kill earlier.

UPDATE - Dec 11 06:25 CET by Starym
Midiwnter climb up to 5/7 - finally deciding to clean up that bothersome Brackenspore they left up for quite a while. 11 guilds now with at least 5 bosses down and 22 with at least 4 - Project Apocalypse and Duality also joined that group today.

UPDATE - Dec 11 05:38 CET by Starym
Finally some action! Moonzlinge downed Ko'ragh to break into the 5/7 group and slot into the No.10 overall position.

UPDATE - Dec 11 04:02 CET by Starym
Not a lot of activity in quite a while, but the hotfixes that were just released do contain some nerfs to Imperator Mar'gok, which may or may not impact his doability this reset. Here they are:

Imperator Mar'gok: Gorian Reavers now use their abilities more consistently, using Crush Armor every 6 seconds (instead of 5-8 seconds), and Kick to the Face every 20 seconds (instead of 15-30 seconds).
[Still in testing.] Imperator Mar'gok: Gorian Reavers now deal 15% less damage on all difficulty modes.

UPDATE - Dec 11 00:56 CET by Starym
Blood Legion are back! They re-announce their presence with a US/OC Ko'ragh 4th kill and join the second pack at 5/7, in 9th place overall (don't forget Style War, who are currently in 6th place).

UPDATE - Dec 11 00:45 CET by Starym
As video season is officialy started, we have a video thread up now and it has Ascension's WF Brackenspore as well as Avast's Ko'ragh and Brackenspore and Method's Kargath vid.

UPDATE - Dec 11 00:26 CET by Starym
A new face at the top with another 5/7. From Scratch have downed Ko'ragh EU 6th.

UPDATE - Dec 11 00:03 CET by Starym
Method just released their Kargath Bladefist video:


UPDATE - Dec 11 23:16 CET by Starym
Practice retain their No.6 spot and head up to 5/7, downing Ko'ragh World 7th, EU 5th. Congrats to them!

UPDATE - Dec 11 22:55 CET by Starym
A small Asian update, Style War are still at the top with 5/6, but 七 煌 (KeaHoarl) and 清水星辰 (Shimizu Stars) have climbed up to 4/7.

On the EU side of the 4/7 crowd Refuge and Ascendance joined in and closed out the West top 20.

UPDATE - Dec 11 21:22 CET by Starym
ScrubBusters join the 4/7 club/train/crew/whatever and down Tectus, just before FatSharkYes, which is one of my favorite guild names now.

UPDATE - Dec 11 20:44 CET by Starym
I'm back and you know what that means!
The top currently consists of two 6/7s and three 5/7s, but the 4/7 field has expanded significantly. The 11 strong group isn't too fond of Ko'ragh, however, as only Midwinter and Avast (who are missing Brackenspre and Tectus, respectively) have downed him - everyone else seems to prefer Brackenspore. The 3/7 crowd isn't that much bigger, with 16 guilds dieting exclusively on Kargath, Twin Ogron and Brackenspore. With so many guilds handling Bracken relatively easily, it seems strange that Midwinter haven't downed him yet - perhaps they're actually on Butcher, trying to get that US/OC first. In any case, the 2/7 field is huge, with 109 guilds present, the latest of which was Such a Thing. And we close this statistical bonanza off with the largest group, the Kargath slayers - who number 433.
*Stats from only US/OC and EU

UPDATE - Dec 11 19:44 CET by aenima
Another guild joining the 4/7 pack: Inner Sanctum downed Tectus a few minutes ago, we do now have 11 guilds with 4/7 bosses down.

UPDATE - Dec 11 18:46 CET by aenima
I know you guys must be missing Starym, he should be back anytime soon.

UPDATE - Dec 11 18:46 CET by aenima
Another update on Asian progress: Style Wars is now 5/7, in pursuit are five guilds with 3/7.

UPDATE - Dec 11 18:16 CET by aenima
We did get confirmation, that there hasn't been a hp hotfix for the Butcher, most likely no hotfix at all. Thanks to Sinnermighty for that info!

UPDATE - Dec 11 18:05 CET by aenima
With two Butcher kills in between 40 minutes, rumors spreading about a hotfix might have been applied for this boss. We can't confirm anything about that, according to Sco (Method) there hasn't been a hotfix. We'll try to get into that for you.

UPDATE - Dec 11 17:48 CET by aenima
Exorsus just managed to kill the Butcher for a World / EU 2nd Kill! Method and Exorsus now are up in the race with 6/7 bosses, Ascension and Paragon are in the hunt with 5/7. Will some guild be able to catch up?

UPDATE - Dec 11 17:43 CET by aenima
Not as spectacular as the WFK by Method, but nevertheless noteworthy to mention: BIZZNO just downed Tectus a few minutes ago and are climbing to 4/7.

UPDATE - Dec 11 17:10 CET by aenima
And we now have the World First Killshot for the Butcher, thanks to Rak and Method!

The Butcher World First Kill by Method

UPDATE - Dec 11 17:02 CET by aenima
Breaking News: Method just killed the Butcher and is now the only guild with 6/7 bosses down. I don't think i have to mention it, but of course that was for a WFK.

UPDATE - Dec 11 16:28 CET by aenima
We have another addition to 4/7: From Scratch just downed Tectus and joins the hunt for the top guilds, which still remain at 5/7.

UPDATE - Dec 11 16:00 CET by aenima
Rapid Eye Movement just killed Tectus, means they are the fifth guild going up 5/7. The progress race becomes more and more interesting. Who will be the first guild going up 6/7? Who are you betting on?

UPDATE - Dec 11 15:37 CET by aenima
Still none of the 5/7 guilds was able to get the next kill, imho the Butcher is almost impossible to beat with the current gear, but maybe i will be proved wrong.

UPDATE - Dec 11 14:37 CET by aenima
Envy also managed to kill Tectus a few minutes ago, this means they also now have 4/7 bosses and are in the hunt for Method, Ascension, Exorsus and Paragon, all 5/7.

UPDATE - Dec 11 13:42 CET by aenima
Congrats to Prime for killing Tectus and now also arriving at 4/7. Would be an even more interesting race, if some other guild would also go 5/7. Go guys!

UPDATE - Dec 11 13:28 CET by aenima
Method and Paragon are back to business, most likely both guilds now try to down The Butcher for a WFK. But don't forget about Exorsus and Ascension, who might also go for 6/7.

UPDATE - Dec 11 12:15 CET by aenima
No 6/7, but we do have another guild at 4/7: Moonzlinge. They just downed Tecuts a few minutes ago for a EU 5th / World 8th Kill

UPDATE - Dec 11 12:11 CET by aenima
Not really much action the last  hours, but my gut is telling me that soon this will change. Who will go 6/7 first?

UPDATE - Dec 11 10:38 CET by Starym
Asian servers have come up and they're already on 3/7, with the usual suspects Kargath, Ogron and Brackenspore down for Style War as well as  七 煌. Four more guilds are on 2/7 and another two on 1/7. There may yet be time for the Asian guilds to catch up and grab some World Firsts, especially if the final two bosses prove to be two-reset types. Hopefully we can have a true world-wide race!

UPDATE - Dec 11 08:18 CET by Starym
More bad news for Ko'ragh as Avast get past him and join the 4/7 train. Yes, it's a train now, deal with it. They claim the US/OC third as well as the World 7th.

UPDATE - Dec 11 06:38 CET by Starym
Blood Legion is slowly coming back and are on 4/7, downing Tectus World 7th, US/OC third. They slip into 8th place overall.

UPDATE - Dec 11 06:03 CET by Starym
Duality is the 19th guild that downed Brackenspore and stepped up to 3/7.

UPDATE - Dec 11 05:24 CET by Starym
The quiet has been going on for quite some time and it's starting to scare me, so let's take a look at some stats. As wel know 4 guilds are on 5/7, with everything aside from Butcher and Imperator Mar'gok down; another three guilds are on 4/7 and they each are missing a different boss: Rapid Eye Movement still needs Tectus, Practice needs Ko'ragh and Midwinter needs the lowly Brackenspore. The field widens on 3/7, with 11 guilds all on Kargath, Ogron and Brackenspore, the last addition to the bunch being Nightmare Asylum. 2/7 is quite crowded, 90 guilds strong and 1/7 has 367 members!
Now, if that little paragraph didn't put you to sleep, you should seek a doctor.

UPDATE - Dec 11 03:16 CET by Starym
Ko'ragh is having a hell of a day as another guild downs him. Midwinter have finally wokemn up from their hybernation and risen up to 4/7, claiming the US/OC second on Ko'ragh.

UPDATE - Dec 11 03:01 CET by Starym
And we now have the World First killshots for Kargath Bladefist and Brackenspore, courtesy of Ascension. Thanks to

Kargath Bladefist World First by Ascension

Brackenspore World First by Ascension

UPDATE - Dec 11 02:46 CET by Starym
It's been a while, but Ascension is back on the scene after their four World Firsts and have downed Tectus World 6th, US/OC 2nd. They are now back at the top with 5/7 and in the running with Method, Exorsus and Paragon.
Here's the killshot, since we haven't had many recently and Ascension owe us two WF killshots anyway!

US/OC 2nd Tectus Kill by Ascension

UPDATE - Dec 11 01:46 CET by Starym
It seems Practice are moving up on the list, with their World 5th, EU 4th Tectus kill, bringing them to 4/7 and 6th place on the leaderboard! It still istn't fully Confirmed! but I trust our commenters here.

UPDATE - Dec 11 01:31 CET by Starym
Another 3/7, but this one is pretty noteable as it's Blood Legion that have finally joined the 16 other guilds that have downed Brackenspore. Also recent to the 3/7 club are Hone n Despair and From Scratch.

UPDATE - Dec 11 00:36 CET by Starym
Just started adding some color-coding into the update posts for those of you who really don't want to hear my yammering and attempts at commentary, so you can get at the facts more quickly.

UPDATE - Dec 11 00:54 CET by Starym
And we have Wowprog confirmation on Rapid Eye Movement and it seems they actually downed Ko'ragh beore both Exorsus and Paragon, so big congratulations to them on their World third, EU second!

UPDATE - Dec 11 00:36 CET by Starym
Something weird is happening with Ko'ragh as he has just died three times within 10 miutes as Paragon get him World 5th EU 4th and join the front of the pack on 5/7!

UPDATE - Dec 11 00:33 CET by Starym
Apparently Rapid Eye Movment also downed Ko'ragh around the same time as Exorsus, but we can't know for sure since some cursory armory digging didn't reveal anything and Wowprog will take a while to update. Based on the timing it seems likely Exorsus did get the kill first, though. They are on 4/7 now, seeing as they haven't downed Tectus yet.

UPDATE - Dec 11 00:25 CET by Starym
Some big news again, as Exorsus claim the World third, EU second on Ko'ragh and join Method on 5/7! The two previous 25 man giants are head to head now with Paragon and Ascension right behind them.

UPDATE - Dec 11 00:04 CET by Starym
ScrubBusters have finally shown up, on 3/7 already having started raiding at 19:30, which sounds pretty impressive! ALso in 3/7 news, Prime did take the kill before Inner Sanctum and TG Gaming followed after that.

UPDATE - Dec 10 23:29 CET by Starym
Inner sanctum are also on 3/7, killing Brackenspore around the same time as Prime, so we'll have to wait and see which of them actually got it down first.

UPDATE - Dec 10 22:57 CET by Starym
Prime are the latest addition to the 3/7 Brackenspore down club, making it 11 guilds that have downed at least three bosses in Highmaul.

UPDATE - Dec 10 22:17 CET by Starym
Some rumblings are starting to form about what exactly happened over at Blood Legion HQ, and there might be some news on that front soon. Hopefully it isn't as bad as people are rumoring it to be.
In less (potentially) terrible news, Exorsus are close to downing Ko'ragh so we might get a second 5/7!

UPDATE - Dec 10 21:47 CET by Starym
And we have a 10th 3/7! Envy down Brackenspore EU 7th, World 9th.

UPDATE - Dec 10 21:07 CET by Starym
Practice is the lastest to join the 3/7 club and they also claim their EU 6th brackenspore kill.

UPDATE - Dec 10 20:56 CET by Starym
It seems Method can indeed access Mar'go

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